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Business Telecom Services

Do You Equate Quality With Your Business IT Solutions?

Looking to trim your budget?

What are your telecom expenses?

It’s easy to overlook your investment in telecom as a necessary evil. Sure it’s costly, but it’s not like you have an option. Technology-assisted communications is vital: you need reliable internet and phone systems to make sure clients’ needs are being met, and potential clients have to be able to reach you, and your workforce needs to stay organized and collaborate on projects.

But just because you have to invest in telecom doesn’t mean you have to invest recklessly.

{company} takes an aggressive approach to controlling telecom costs, freeing up room in your budget for addressing other needs.

  • Cut communications costs: switching from a traditional telephone service to an internet-based phone service (VoIP) is an easy way to reduce your phone bill.
  • Affordable phone systems: {company} will ensure that you’re getting the absolute best rate possible on local and long-distance calls.
  • Expert consultation: If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could easily end up paying for more equipment than you really need. We have the experience to know when additional infrastructure is more of an unnecessary expense than a valuable investment.
  • Contracts that benefit you, not your provider: we do more than just cut costs. {company} will help you select products with minimum contract durations and service-level agreements for support.

We know how to effectively manage your communications.

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We outsource our computer support and telephone system management to Quality IP for Cleveland and Florida offices. Before working with Quality IP we had four offices with independent systems. Now they are all integrated and work collectively. Quality IP implemented a new voice network to eliminate our inner office long distance calls and created a net monthly savings. All of our employees have direct contact with Quality IP as our outsourced IT department. Quality IP is extremely responsive and easy to work with.

Dominic Cameratta, Chief Financial Officer, Cameratta Properties

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