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Since 2004, QualityIP has focused on building a better IT support program for companies searching external IT services. With locations across the U.S, we have the ability to support businesses and organizations without the frustrations typically experienced with other IT service providers.

We start by solving IT issues correctly, the first time. Then we create a customized solution that addresses the pain points and security concerns that our clients have. We have adopted these solutions as our standard processes so you can get the most out of your external IT company.

With QualityIP as your IT consultant, you can expect the following:

  1. Competency and solutions that work
  2. Fair pricing
  3. Outstanding customer support
  4. Smooth transition to our IT services
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Proactive IT Services to Keep Everything Running

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Clients choose QualityIP because our processes and trained personnel prevent complications before they even happen. That is the QualityIP difference. We understand the complexities of your business and take responsibility for monitoring, supporting, and protecting your critical assets that rely on IT consultation

Our goal is to be an integral extension of your team and to support the technology and infrastructure you need to succeed. For all of these reasons, QualityIP delivers the gold standard in IT consulting, services, and support.

Customized IT Solutions That Work

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Certified External IT Service Provider with Cisco, Microsoft, Office 365, and more.

Let’s Build a Strategic Plan to Strengthen and Maximize Your IT Infrastructure.

IT services near me that really work.

External IT Services – At a Fair Price

There is a perception, often proven true, that the more customized a solution, the more expensive it has to be. That is why one-size-fits-all services are so predominant in today’s business world. At QualityIP we believe in customized solutions, but we do not believe in making businesses overpay for what they deserve. We guarantee that we’ll work with you to provide the solutions and protection you need, while providing you with outstanding customer service and 24/7 HelpDesk support.

Custom Solutions Mean Custom Prices

Our IT roadmaps are developed with your individual external IT needs in mind. We’ll discuss the budget to make a plan work for you because no one wins if we propose a solution at a cost you can’t afford.

Monthly Pricing

In addition to paying per incident, we offer a monthly program to save clients stress, time, and money.  For example, we might propose to you a combination of Cloud Services, Managed Support, and Managed Services—plus 24/7 access to our HelpDesk. You can expect the same monthly fee unless you want to add something new to the mix. The opportunity for everyone on your team to call our HelpDesk as part of that recurring fee can be a significant cost-saver over time.

Minimized Training

We use an account manager structure, that means you don’t need to spend time educating QualityIP experts about your business, what has been completed, and where you want your business to go. We come to every conversation 100% up-to-speed.

Sensible Recommendations

Finally, we make recommendations based on our expertise and our knowledge of your company. If we recommend a product or service, it is because we genuinely feel it will be beneficial for you, and we will explain how and why.

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Why is an External IT Services Provider Necessary?

Feeling unsure about investing in IT consulting is understandable, but cybersecurity has never been more at risk than it is today. With more companies adopting remote work and fewer in-office days, there are more vulnerabilities in networks—not to mention that 95% of data breaches occur because of human error. Without the proper protection and monitoring, data breaches are inevitable. Hackers are looking for gaps in cybersecurity to exploit, and remote work policies and outdated cybersecurity protocols create the perfect IT storm.

If your business has also continued with the work-from-home model, you probably have a large team of employees who need remote access to work networks and files. Without a managed workstation, your team could be wasting significant time and money. If you have increased your number of remote employees, you could also face different time zone challenges. As your business grows, consider choosing an external IT services provider like QualityIP to secure and advance your business.

Our unique IT solutions protect your business and help you get the most out of your investment in technology. Start a conversation with QualityIP about the right IT services for your business.