Physical Security

When it comes to protecting your business, physical security is just as critical as cybersecurity. Physical security protects facilities, personal property and tangible assets from people who could cause damage, harm and financial loss to your organization.

We provide enterprise-class security management solutions that are sure to surpass the systems you currently use. We offer an easy-to-operate user interface and system features that deploy in any combination.

Our experts implement the best physical security products, services and other measures to protect your property, occupants and assets from outside threats.

What is Physical Security?

Consider this: all the firewalls in the world can’t protect your business if an attacker physically removes equipment from the server room. While cybersecurity protects your data, internal network and other “intangible assets,” physical security is concerned with preventing unauthorized access to and/or theft of tangible assets. This includes building protection as well as materials, equipment, documents and personnel.

At QualityIP, we help you implement a physical security solution covering the full breadth of vulnerabilities. These physical security tools, which can be active or passive, safeguard your employees and shield your facilities from unauthorized access by intruders. With physical security, the assets you wish to protect are guarded by a combination of techniques that scan for threats and resist attackers.

Physical Security Management

The components of physical security include a range of methods such as credential management, access control, video security cameras, visitor management, intrusion alarms and notification systems. Using physical security management software, these methods can be operated more effectively, with features ranging from real-time monitoring and updates to direct communication with staff and personnel.

The comprehensive physical security services we offer at QualityIP are among the most trusted and reliable security solutions available for your business. Because we offer managed security services, you can be assured the various technologies work together seamlessly, enhancing your security from the inside out. We can recommend the best blend of hardware and software to suit your business. You get exactly what you need – and nothing you don’t.

We also support the full lifecycle of security hardware and software solutions, beginning with proper initialization and configuration. This also minimizes the need for troubleshooting later. If you do need support, the QualityIP support team is there to help, with expert techs on call 24/7 and extended service hours. Our fleet of support trucks can be onsite in a flash to solve your physical security problem.

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    Physical Security Services


    Physical security control measures typically include video surveillance such as CCTV or, more commonly, video security cameras. With the advances in technology that are possible by using physical security-as-a-service (PSAAS), security surveillance can be integrated with cloud solutions for networked access to video management software.

    Our physical security monitoring and video services include camera installation, cabling, recording software, network configuration and hardware and software integration. We design and deploy a customized solution designed to work for you. The result is state-of-the-art security that’s easy to use but stronger than your attackers. If your company needs technology upgrades to do the proper monitor, we can collaborate with you and potential vendors to order security products that perform as needed while staying within your budget.

    Control Access Systems

    The installation of a control access system is key to prohibiting unauthorized access to your facilities and protecting valuable assets and hardware. These systems use sophisticated products you can fine-tune, allowing you to determine who can access specific physical locations. Access control systems integrate effective mobile access control with your existing IT infrastructure for a customized solution.

    QualityIP can design, select and install components so you control access of employees, vendors or visitors. Access points such as exterior and interior doors are restricted according to your specifications and logs are recorded so you can track activity in case of a security event.

    Notification Systems

    Another component of a physical security management plan is an alarm system that alerts you to a breach or other security event. QualityIP configures your physical security solutions to include notifications and intrusion detection, letting you know immediately if an event has occurred.

    Communications are an important part of physical security controls. While it’s critical to have protections in place, you also need to be made aware of any attempts to breach those safeguards. We design a notification or alert system to keep you abreast of occurrences without overwhelming your attention.

    Your Partner for Security Management Solutions

    The importance of physical security cannot be overstated. While cyber security is paramount to protecting your network, it requires a robust physical security system to back it up. More importantly, physical security providers must be dedicated to identifying your organization’s unique needs and providing a solution that fits.

    With QualityIP, you can trust your physical security solutions to a single point of contact, minimizing disruptions and streamlining security operations. Physical security is just one part of our comprehensive IT security solutions. When you’re ready to upgrade your IT security infrastructure, choose QualityIP. We offer seamless integration, state-of-the-art technology, certified support specialists and one-on-one customer service.

    Most importantly: we’re there when you need us. As part of our physical security management, we have a 24/7 HelpDesk that you can contact by phone, email or live chat. Threats never take time off – so neither do we. Your team can get in touch with us whenever there’s an issue or if you have a question. This knowledgeable, friendly service is one of the ways we build long-term partnerships that protect your valued assets.

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