IT Risk Management

IT risk management is a function of IT security that aims to assess, identify, and mitigate risks associated with your business’s data and information technology. Successfully managing the risks that accompany the use of technology enables your business to balance innovation, convenience, productivity, and value while protecting your systems and their contents.

QualityIP offers comprehensive IT risk management to help your organization control what can be a complex process, so that you know your business is covered from top to bottom. With our IT risk management program, we help you identify the IT risks you are vulnerable to, manage your policies for safeguarding your information, implement a response protocol in the event of a threat, and regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your risk systems.

When you need an expert in IT risk management, we are there for you.

What is IT Risk Management?

An IT risk management framework aims to assess current and future threats to an organization, identify vulnerabilities that could expose it to an attack, and implement a robust strategy of mitigation and response to control or eliminate such attacks.

IT risk management is a component of IT compliance and governance that seeks to ensure an organization is operating according to best practices and achieves accepted standards of security and compliance. By creating strategies to accomplish this within a framework that acknowledges possible as well as probable threats, the organization is able to strike a balance between business innovation and risk, maximizing the former and minimizing the latter.

With IT risk management, a business can push its information technology to new limits, which can support growth, scalability, and continued success. Such growth requires continual monitoring, as vulnerabilities and risks can and do change over time. Old responses must be re-aligned with new threats and modes of attack.

The result is an integrated security platform that accounts for the ever-changing landscape of IT security while leaving room for technological advancement.

Why is IT Risk Management Important?

As with other components of IT security, IT risk management is important for financial, legal, and reputational reasons, as these are the risks faced with insufficient security. The fallout from a data breach can be costly, from the loss of customers, sales, and revenue to the potential litigation that could arise after such an event.

The aim of IT risk management is to safeguard against attacks so your company can preserve its profitability, protect its sensitive information, and comply with federal and industry regulations. With the proper protocols in place, your organization can focus on business drivers instead of reactive measures, which opens the door to growth.

An IT risk management system from QualityIP assists your organization in implementing the policies and procedures that will help it succeed in the arms race that is modern cybersecurity.

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    IT Risk Management Services

    QualityIP provides comprehensive solutions for risk management at all levels of your organization – beginning with an assessment of the current threats to your business.

    Risk Assessment

    At the outset, we perform a comprehensive risk assessment that evaluates your organization’s risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. This assessment examines your existing security posture. Our dedicated risk management team searches for potential weaknesses that could allow a breach, whether these weak links are in your physical or cyber security framework, employee policies and procedures, or elsewhere.

    Compliance Assessment

    QualityIP evaluates your organization’s level of compliance with established rules and regulations, including HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, or any of a number of other federal, state, and industry laws and guidelines. This assessment ensures that you are not leaving your business vulnerable to litigation or penalties for failing to comply.

    Control Recommendations

    Based on the findings from your risk and compliance assessments, QualityIP establishes a plan to alleviate and mitigate potential threats to your business. These recommendations are intended to establish best practices, policy frameworks, and actionable steps to help control your risk.

    Risk Monitoring

    Once your policies and protocols are in place, we implement ongoing risk monitoring for continued protection. During the monitoring phase of your IT risk management program, our dedicated risk management team reviews activity to identify any problems that may arise.

    Risk Reporting

    Reporting ensures that all identified risks are documented and communicated, because you cannot treat what you cannot see. With regular, thorough risk reports, you have the information you need to take action against threats to your business.

    Your IT Risk Management Partner

    At QualityIP, we want to be your IT risk management partner, because when you succeed, we succeed. Our team of dedicated risk management specialists help you optimize your systems, evaluate risk, and recommend policies to stay ahead of ever-evolving regulations.

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