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Since 2004, QualityIP has been dedicated to differentiating ourselves from other IT companies in Akron Ohio.

According to our client feedback, we have been successful in this regard. Based on our experience listening to new clients over the years, we have developed the following brand promises:

  1. Competency and solutions that work
  2. Fair pricing
  3. Outstanding customer support
  4. A smooth transition to our IT services

Clients in Akron and throughout Northeast Ohio have chosen to work with us because of our proactive and comprehensive approach. We measure our performance by how often you need to call on us.

Our goal is that you will hardly need to call us at all.

Your IT Journey | IT Companies in Akron Ohio

At QualityIP, we view our relationships with businesses in Akron Ohio as more of a journey than a one-off problem/solution interaction. As IT service providers near me, we begin our relationships with a holistic audit of a company’s technological and digital existence. Using what we call our IT roadmap, we analyze everything from full usage of Microsoft Office 365 to how often individual computers have their software updated. Based on our findings, we present a plan, with a budget, of how we can elevate all facets of a business IT infrastructure. With a monthly plan and a reliable budget, we can proceed with our work and our clients always know exactly where they and we are in the process.

IT Services Company | Akron, Ohio

Although we present ourselves as a company, what we truly are is a village of experts ready to support businesses with our IT services. Working with QualityIP means you have 24/7/365 support from people who understand your business inside and out. We designate account managers to each client, and you also gain access to our HelpDesk, which is always monitored by a human, not a robot or an away message. We make our HelpDesk available to everyone in a business, not just the CIO or CEO. Over time, this availability and accessibility saves our clients money versus being charged for every individual call.

Our dispatchers are IT experts and often can successfully solve issues themselves. However, if a question or problem arises they are not able to answer, they know how to connect our clients and prospects with the exact person who will be able to solve the issue most efficiently and effectively. This is perhaps the most significant differentiator between QualityIP and other IT companies in Akron Ohio.

Other QualityIP departments that can assist businesses with their managed IT needs include:

The Procurement Team

If our initial audit suggests that a computer upgrade will help elevate your employees’ performance, we will not only make a recommendation, but we will also help with the order, set a shipping date, clean and remove all old equipment, and help hook up new equipment. This ensures new computers or other equipment start in a state of optimum performance.

The Cloud Team

Most business owners or CIOs have heard of Microsoft Office 365, and most are familiar with the benefits this platform can offer. Our experience, however, is that many companies do not have Microsoft Office 365 set to perform at its full capacity. Whether it simply is a lack of awareness about all the platform can do or security concerns about facets like Teams and OneDrive, there is almost always room for improvement and enhancement. Our cloud team has years of experience optimizing employee interactions with Microsoft Office 365, which is why we are a Microsoft Gold partner.

IT Service Providers Near Me

QualityIP is proud of our Northeast Ohio roots. Although we have the capability to support customers wherever they are, our partners in Akron and throughout Northeast Ohio will always be close to home. In addition to office locations in Akron, Kent, and Cleveland, we also are able to serve clients in:

  • Akron
  • Barberton
  • Bath
  • Canton
  • Copley
  • Fairlawn
  • Green
  • Massillon
  • N. Canton
  • Norton
  • Richfield
  • Twinsburg

Why QualityIP?

At the heart of QualityIP is our HelpDesk, which operates on our philosophy that managed IT services are all about relationships. All of our services are derivatives of this core. We believe fair pricing is part of building strong relationships, and that is why we keep our costs as low as possible. It is also why we present a comprehensive budget on the front end instead of charging for every call. Our clients see their monthly budget at the beginning of our relationship, and that monthly retainer does not change unless they ask for something that falls beyond the purview of what we proposed.

Finally, businesses choose to partner with us because we make working with us easy. We do not require a company to change over to any particular type of equipment or platforms. We do not make recommendations and then leave it to our clients to implement them. Instead, we build our framework around our clients because we think that is the way managed IT service providers should work.

Whether you are in Akron, Ohio or elsewhere in the country, QualityIP is ready to support your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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