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{company} was founded by Ryan Markham over a decade ago, back in 2003. It was a small operation back then, with few clients that were friends and family. Our specialty was Voice over IP (VoIP), which accounted for well over half our business. The VoIP service was so popular it inspired the second half of our namesake, Quality IP.

A more diverse selection of services soon led to more customers. Accommodating this growth required Ryan’s wife Sarah Markham to sign on as Vice President in 2008 and help with the extra workload. We finally had the resources to hire our own sales staff as well, and many of those initial hires are still core team members today.

Since 2008 we’re expanded considerably, now supporting over 350 businesses across northeastern Ohio. We’d love to add your business to that total and make the length of our client list even more impressive.

We are a part of all the companies we support. Together we will work out a long-term plan that meets your needs, cuts all unnecessary expenses, and sets you up for future success.

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