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When you’re looking for network security and more, it matters what IT company you work with. In addition to essential services, you need support from knowledgeable people who understand your needs.

Running a business is not a simple task. It requires extensive amounts of time, money and energy to build a consistently increasing clientele, compete with prices and have reliable customer service. Whether your business is secure should not distract you from your professional goals. Companies in Akron, Ohio need a managed IT service provider that they can trust around the clock.

QualityIP works to make you feel safe and secure, allowing time for other important tasks.

We are currently one of the top providers of IT services and IT consulting in Akron and other Northeast Ohio areas, bolstering efficiency and security for many Ohio businesses.

QualityIP’s Managed Services Model

In the IT world, the common service model is a Break/Fix model, meaning the client must call for help for every single IT issue. However, QualityIP employs a Managed Services Model that can help businesses save money and increase workplace efficiency. With this model, the customer pays a monthly fee for near-constant maintenance on the company’s computers, network and infrastructure. Managed Service Providers eliminate the constant worrying over security while significantly increasing efficiency and reliability relative to a Break/Fix model. It is also one of the reasons why QualityIP is one of the top Akron IT services providers in Akron, Ohio.

Learn more about the Managed Services Model here.

Why Choose QualityIP for Akron Managed IT Services

When choosing a managed IT service provider, you need a true partner – one that works towards our goals at every turn. QualityIP is a full-service provider that has won numerous awards for our service and support.

Furthermore, QualityIP is a truly local company. Our headquarters are in Kent, Ohio, less than half an hour from downtown Akron. This means onsite support in addition to our 24/7 HelpDesk by phone and email. If you require hands-on service, our trained and certified team is there to provide it. Finally, not only do we work to satisfy your current needs, but we also create and implement an IT Roadmap to account for future growth and success.

Security First | Akron IT Services

In a business world where network security breaches are rapidly increasing in number, building a solid security foundation is necessary for a growing business. It is paramount to protect not only your business’ intellectual property, but also information relating to employees and clients as well. QualityIP works to protect this information with reliable services that are designed for high-level protection.

Better Business Phone Services

Maintaining professional communication between employees and clients is what sets QualityIP apart from other IT companies. We want to help others build a similar level of communication in their businesses. Now, as part of our Akron IT services, we are offering QVoIP by QualityIP. Employing these integrated phone services will make communication an enjoyable experience for all employees and clientele.

A History of Success

QualityIP has been providing quality service since our start in 2004. The company has grown greatly since then, now supporting over 350 businesses in Northeastern Ohio and counting. We encourage any businesses in need of IT services in Akron, IT services in Cleveland, or any other Northeast Ohio areas to contact QualityIP, a leader for IT security in Akron Ohio. Your goals are our goals, and we want to help your company reach peak performance.

Akron IT Services Areas

We serve businesses in Akron, Ohio as well as the surrounding towns and cities. Get in touch with QualityIP if you’re located in any of these areas and are looking for managed IT services.

  • Akron
  • Barberton
  • Bath
  • Canton
  • Copley
  • Fairlawn
  • Green
  • Massillon
  • N. Canton
  • Norton
  • Richfield
  • Twinsburg

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