The Different Levels of Microsoft Partners | How to Find Microsoft Gold IT Companies Near Me

What Does It Mean to Be a Microsoft Partner?

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With so many people working online, cyber security has never been more important. Unfortunately, in today’s world, more system hacks happen all the time. If you’re looking to protect your company from hacks and shut-downs, it’s time to search for IT companies near me to protect your information.

Many IT companies near me are Microsoft Certified Partners. But what is a Microsoft Certified Partner? MCP’s are IT companies that partner themselves with Microsoft by providing Microsoft-related services or products globally. Microsoft Certified Partners provide support for these Microsoft-approved services.

For an IT company to become a Microsoft Certified Partner, they must prove that they can thoroughly help their customers with a variety of IT projects and support services, all related to Microsoft. IT companies near me can be two different Microsoft partners: Gold or Silver. Let’s look at the differences between the two levels.

Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner

You can guess by the name, but Gold-Certified IT companies near me are the highest level of Microsoft partners. To become a Gold partner, they need to join the Microsoft Partner Network community, qualify for their membership, become eligible, and meet the following requirements from Microsoft:

  • Sales and certification requirements
  • Must have 4 qualified Microsoft Certified Trainers that have passed one or more certification exams required by Microsoft. One MCT must pass the licensing overview assessment and two that have passed the sales and marketing assessment.
  • Submit 5 customer references
  • Collect the necessary 120 partner points
  • Pay the Gold annual fee

Microsoft Gold IT companies near me have the best-in-class capabilities with Microsoft technologies to serve their customers.

Microsoft Silver-Certified Partner

IT companies near me that are Microsoft Silver-Certified partners are part of the level below Gold that don’t meet as many requirements. A Silver partner is a great way to enhance your business and begin your new partnership with Microsoft. To become a Microsoft Silver Partner, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Become a member of the Microsoft Partner Network
  • Complete Silver training and performance requirements
  • Have 2 Microsoft Certified Trainers in your company
  • Complete a licensing overview assessment
  • Complete a sales and marketing competency assessment
  • Pay the Silver annual fee

The main difference between the Gold and Silver partner is the exclusivity. Only the top 1% of all Microsoft Partners receive the Gold certification. The top 5% of Microsoft Partners receive the Silver certification.

Find Microsoft Partner IT Companies Near Me

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IT professionals across the world all know that Microsoft is the leader in IT services and technology. When you partner with IT companies near me that have a Microsoft Gold or Silver Certification, you will receive the best Microsoft IT support for your company.

When you choose a Microsoft Gold or Silver Partner, your company will be supported through all Microsoft IT services and technology. Talk to IT companies in your area, like QualityIP, to find out who can support you and protect your company.