Managed Services Provider

As your company grows, your IT infrastructure becomes more and more critical to the success of your business. Contracting with an IT managed services provider ensures you’re leveraging technology and reducing inefficiencies within your organization.

What is a Managed Services Provider (MSP)

A MSP is a company you hire to take responsibility for specific IT tasks. Whether we are your only IT resource, or we augment your internal staff, QualityIP monitors and maintains your critical IT infrastructure. We offer a broad range of expertise and are available anytime day or night to resolve your IT issues.

As a MSP we provide:

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Answers to the Top 7 Questions about Managed Services Providers

1.  What services do you offer?

QualityIP believes that there is no “one-size fits all” IT Solution. However, we are confident that a Managed Services arrangement is the best option for most companies.

Here’s 3 Reasons Why:

  • Less Downtime: Through continuous monitoring and maintenance, our team recognizes potential issues and acts on them before they affect your system or employees. Less downtime increases productivity and saves you money.

  • Less Complexity: Our team of IT experts streamlines your infrastructure to ensure that your technology works together seamlessly. Less complexity equals fewer system failures.

  • Better Planning: We work with you to build an IT Roadmap that supports your business goals. Together, we prepare a plan to keep your technology up-to-date and grow with your business. Better planning means your IT becomes an integral part of your business growth instead of a “make-do” solution that hinders your progress.

2.  How do Managed Services and Unlimited Managed Services differ?

As a Managed Services Provider, our basic plan provides proactive monitoring and maintenance of your IT infrastructure, which includes system updates, security patches, and maintenance for a set monthly fee. The Unlimited Managed Services Plan includes everything that you get in the Managed Plan plus support and service calls are built-into it. Not included in either plan: New Hardware and/or Software purchases and installation.

3.  How do I get help?

QualityIP makes it easy for you with a variety of options:

  • Just click the . All our Managed Services clients have this icon on their taskbar. Clicking it, is the fastest way to get help. Plus, it automatically provides our technicians with behind the scenes data to expedite troubleshooting.

  • Call (833) KNOWS IT or (833) 566-9748. Our Dispatch Team will assess your situation and get you help from the resource on our team best able to resolve your problem.

  • Submit a Ticket. We respond to all tickets within 30 minutes. Customers can also send an an email to Support at anytime.

  • Chat with us. Click the “Live Chat” button from any page on our website. A HelpDesk technician will answer your questions.

4.  When are you open?

We staff our HelpDesk until 11PM and on weekends*. And, a qualified technician is on-call 24 hours a day, every day of the year. *Complete HelpDesk hours

5.  Will we have a dedicated account manager?

Yes, all our Managed Services customers have a Technical Account Manager who understands their environment, provides support, answers questions, offers technical advice and recommendations, and ensures that their clients are getting the assistance they need.

6.  Do you provide data backup, recovery, and security?

QualityIP takes a multilayered approach to security, backup, and recovery. We install and maintain state-of-the-art firewalls and software security solutions. Data backup is performed continuously and is securely stored on-site as well as in the cloud. Data backups and recovery are routinely tested to ensure that everything is working properly, and your data is recoverable should the worst happen.

7.  Are your clients happy with your service?

We’re proud of our award-winning customer service. Please read our reviews on Google®, Facebook®, and our testimonials page.

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