Offsite Hosting

Downtime can cost your business thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for every hour you’re down. Having reliable data storage offsite gives you a backup plan that you hope you’ll never need – but will be ready for if you do.

Offsite hosting with QualityIP not only enables your business to send backups and replicas to the cloud but also provides you with the experienced IT staff and support services necessary to recover quickly in the event of a disaster. Furthermore, you will have remote access to the data, making communication and collaboration easier for offsite employees.

Trust QualityIP for secure offsite data storage and hosting. With our managed cloud backup services, you have access from anywhere.

Offsite Hosting Services from QualityIP

Avoid costly downtime with offsite hosting and storage. QualityIP’s off-site server hosting improves your recovery time and lowers your costs. By hosting your data offsite, you naturally build redundancy and protection against unforeseen events. It also seamlessly integrates with your on-premises backup and recovery solution.

Offsite Setup

QualityIP will help determine your offsite storage data configuration and optimize it to suit your needs.

Seamless Migration and Remote Access

With seamless transfer and migration, you have control over your data at every moment. Secure remote access allows you to send and retrieve data as though it were onsite.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Ongoing maintenance and monitoring of your offsite data can include optional operations management and our signature 24/7 support.

Why You Need Offsite Hosting

When your data is located on a server in your building, it’s at risk of damage from an unforeseen catastrophe: fire, flooding, natural disaster, or even hackers. Hosting your data offsite builds an extra layer of protection against outside threats.

Offsite hosting can reduce your operating costs, free up valuable resources and real estate and provide peace of mind. Think of it as a safety net for your business.

Access from Anywhere

Offsite data hosting lets you access your business data from anywhere in the world with secure encryption.

Secure Backups

With QualityIP, your data is protected, with regular backups hosted safely and securely offsite.

Seamless Transitions

If recovery is needed, we can make the transition nearly seamless, reducing your downtime and saving you money.

Lowered Costs

One of the advantages of moving your data offsite is reduced operational costs, from lower utilities and other savings to the predictable, regular costs that make it easy to budget and grow your business.

What Is Offsite Hosting?

Offsite data hosting securely protects your data in a separate location, allowing remote access while safeguarding against events in your primary business location. When your data is stored locally on devices such as drives, it’s at risk of damage. Keeping offsite data helps you protect against unforeseen circumstances such as fire, natural disaster or even human intervention.

Having offsite backup offers many other advantages. It lets you conduct experiments and tests knowing that if they don’t go according to plan, you can easily restore the original data. Cloud data hosting is more easily scalable, growing as your organization does. Many industries, such as the financial, legal, and healthcare sectors, require data protection, and data storage offsite can help you comply with regulations. The best backup service providers encrypt data and take other security measures to ensure its safety.

Finally, secure offsite cloud storage with QualityIP doesn’t just give confidence to your business. It gives confidence to your customers, vendors and clients. Secure backups increase uptime and demonstrate you are serious about data storage and protection.

Reach Out to Get Started

QualityIP is a trusted offsite hosting partner with over 18 years of experience helping our customers protect their assets. Trust QualityIP to set your business up for success with reliable, expert service customized to your needs. We’re there when you need us so you don’t have to go to it alone. Learn more about our offsite hosting services by contacting us today.

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