Meet Our CEO: Ryan Markham

“I always make myself available to help our clients out when they have a problem, no matter the day or the hour. And, when I say always, I mean always. You’re just as likely to get an email from me sometime between 10PM to 4AM as you would during normal business hours. I don’t stop working when I leave the office.

QualityIP never stops working for you.

If I’m being honest, I must admit that we’re not the only provider in the area that has the tools and experience to offer fully managed IT services. We’ll secure your network, maintain equipment, cut support costs, backup data, virtualize systems…but there are other providers that can do that, too.

What sets us apart is the focus we bring to each individual client. Not every IT company in the area takes the time to be as detail-oriented as we are. It isn’t at all unusual for a managed service provider to have over 100 clients, and with that many clients it’s hard to make a profit unless you solve problems as quickly as you can without explaining much to the client.

That’s what sets QualityIP apart from our competitors. We’re not overly concerned about our own bottom line, so we’ll take the time to explain the services you’re paying for and answer any questions you may have.

We believe that when it comes to supporting your network, clear and comprehensive communication is just as important as technical skill.

Not only do we pay attention to each individual business that uses our services, we also pay attention to each individual worker in each individual business. One worker might need a particular version of Internet Explorer to access their cloud-based ERP system, but they prefer to use Google Chrome for normal web browsing. Other workers might have entirely different needs. We take a personalized approach that takes into account each of your employee’s preferences.

Another difference between us and our competitors is that we offer access control services (video and audio surveillance, employee and asset tracking, alarms that detect glass breaking, doors opening, movement around your perimeter, etc.) to protect you from traditional crime in addition to cybercrime.

Your business is important to us. We’re not going to pawn off the responsibly of maintaining your IT infrastructure to our lower-level workers. You’ll get the attention of our entire team, from the newest hire all the way up to the CEO, all for less than the cost of a single full-time in-house employee.

Ryan Markham

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