Meet Our CEO: Ryan Markham

I founded QualityIP in 2004 with the intent to help companies with their IT needs. The industry was obviously far different, and the structure of the workplace was more conventional than it predominantly is now. Over the years, I have been proud to see QualityIP adjust and evolve with changing times and technology. While our focus has always been on the client, and even more so on each individual worker at the businesses we serve, our clients’ requirements have changed and can vary tremendously from one call to the next. 

In particular, the confluence of the COVID pandemic with increases in flex time and remote work have impacted our every-day world. We now are ready to serve our clients 24/7 because traditional work hours are no longer prevalent. 

I am happy to say that despite all of the changes we have seen over the last two decades, QualityIP continues to differentiate ourselves through clear communication, a personalized approach, and a dedication to our work. Our desire is not to be a “one and done” vendor. I really believe the best way to offer IT consulting services is to establish partnerships with businesses. We strive to learn the gaps that exist, whether those gaps are manpower, knowledge in a particular area, or a serious problem that requires immediate assistance. We are in it for the long haul, as I like to say, and we are happiest when our clients no longer think of us as a vendor but as a part of their team. 

I am excited to see what challenges we can help businesses strategize through in the coming years. I do not doubt that our team will be ready and willing to assist, whenever and wherever we are needed. 

Ohio IT Services Expert QualityIP