Have Proper Access Controls?

For some businesses, security isn’t much of a concern.

Sure, they keep their cash on hand secure and lock the door when the last person leaves, but other than that they don’t have to worry too much about security.

Other businesses don’t have that luxury: hospitals, professional services, manufacturing and distributing facilities, industrial complexes, and other organizations have valuable assets that require extra protection, whether it be physical property or sensitive information.

QualityIP managed services provider will protect your assets by controlling access. Our all-in-one PC-based SENTRY system secures your facility, captures human resource data, and automatically keeps track and provides detailed analysis of time and attendance.

It’s just another IT service to our Akron customers we offer.

Protect Your Facility

A vague, slightly militarized phrase like “access control” calls to mind images of chains and padlocks, steel fences topped with barbed wire, guards at the gate and a keypad at the door.

Sometimes an intimidating physical security presence is necessary, but reality is usually a bit duller than that. A less dramatic approach is usually more appropriate: SENTRY monitors door access and activity around your perimeter and will automatically alert security staff or the local police if your business is breached.

Time and Attendance

There are so many distractions on any given business day that it can be difficult to keep track of each individual employee’s performance.

This is especially true if you haven’t yet automated your time and attendance system. Traditional systems are flawed: they are prone to employees being a little liberal with their figures if they’re asked to report their own hours. Even if all your employees are honest, user error is even more common than intentional fraud and can lead to some frustrating payroll problems down the road.

Our time tracking software ensures that all your payroll information is accurate, and we’ll free up more time for planning for the future instead of dredging through tedious recordkeeping work.

Also, capturing payroll data via door access will keep your employees accountable and allow you to determine everyone’s past whereabouts if you suspect insider wrongdoing.

We know how to prevent unauthorized access and manage all your other security needs.

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