April Showers Bring April Power Outages

Many people look forward to spring with its rush of warmer weather that signals the end of the winter bitterness and the doldrums it often brings. April showers are even welcome by many as a necessity so that nature can blossom in all her breathtaking glory. What many people don’t think about — at least until it is too late — is that these April showers often bring with them unexpected power outages.

Rain Shower

Power Outages for Businesses

While it is safe to say that power outages bring much inconvenience — and more than a few headaches — to everyone that experiences them, they can also bring an added layer of concern to small businesses. Unlike large — and even most medium — businesses, few small businesses have a dedicated IT person or department whose job it is to ensure that the business is protected from the unexpected consequences from natural events such as a power outage. This can leave these small businesses especially vulnerable to a range of unpleasant and embarrassing events that could even spell the demise of the company.

Reliance on Technology is Evident

Of course, every small business these days is reliant on the technology that connects them with their customers and suppliers. Losing that connection — and any related information — can mean a significant drop in productivity. Many people — especially if they do not have a background in IT — don’t consider the ramifications of a power outage on their daily business cycle until its too late. While many businesses could eventually replicate a lost supplier list, it would require investments of valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere. The loss of customer information, though, is often a much more concerning occurrence and one that might not be as easy to recover from.

Technology Solutions for Small Businesses

However, the future does not look too bleak for small businesses without a dedicated IT employee. Contracting with an experienced IT company in the local area to install a battery backup device offers a number of advantages. In addition to keeping computer systems up and running throughout the power outage, such a solution also offers surge suppression that protects valuable computer systems — as well as the information contained within them.

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