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Most of us, when we think of IT, think about computers and servers, networks and the internet, hardware and software—and we’d be right. However, managing your IT is so much more than these pieces.QualityIP Manage Your IT

It’s really about people. The people with the skills and expertise in infrastructure and applications both onsite and the cloud, monitoring and preventative maintenance, physical and system security, backups and restores, business phones, procurement, issue support, and the list goes on.

That’s why you need a team of experts to help you manage your IT.

  • People who can recommend the right combination of hardware, software, and services to fit the needs of your company.
  • A team who not only install computer equipment and make it work but order it with the correct specifications to seamlessly fit in your environment from the start.
  • Technicians and IT Specialists that are available whenever you need them for keeping your business network up and running.
  • Advisors who monitor the hardware and software on which your business depends, and prepare you for system obsolescence and support end-of-life.
  • Forward-thinkers that are always looking for the best technology to serve you and your business

QualityIP has the people you need to manage your IT. QualityIP Knows IT, and we’re there when you need us!

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Windows 10 blog QualityIP

Straight talk.

Those old PCs you’re using for your business cost you time, money, and frustration.

Windows 10 QualityIP


Here are the top 4 ways they’re slowing your business down:

1. Outdated. Every PC older than 4 years old could potentially cost you more money in maintenance, repairs, and lost productivity1 than the cost of a new computer.

2. Lagging. New Windows 10 Pro devices startup on average up to 28% faster2 and have batteries that last up to 3x longer3 than older Windows devices.

3. Vulnerable. Cyberattacks and data breaches cost over $84,0004 and affect more than 50% of small businesses5. New Windows 10 Pro devices have built-in and always up-to-date security^ to help keep you protected.

4. Hard to Manage. IT admins send up to 20% less time managing Windows 10 Pro Devices6. Plus, your team can sign in once for Microsoft services and many apps. And, many of your current apps and peripherals work with Windows 10 Pro.

Your PCs shouldn’t slow your business down. Find out more about Windows 10 devices.

QualityIP can help you choose from a variety of productive and secure PCs across a wide price range.

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1Small Business PC Study, TechAisle, 2016.
2Testing conducted by Principled Technologies in July 2015 in a closed lab environment using OEM factory default images on a representative sample of Windows 7 devices. Each boot test was run 10 times and the averages compared. Average improvement in startup was 28%.
3Performance of 6th Gen Intel® Core™ processors in Windows 10 devices, estimated based on Windows 8.1 Local HD Video Playback Power, Comparisons based on Intel® Core™ i5-6200U vs. Intel® Core™ i5-520UM.
4Small Biz Daily: 10 Small Business Trends 2018.
5Ponemon; 2016 State of Cybersecurity in SMB (USA); Canadian Chamber of Commerce, An Analysis of the Adoption of Internet-based Technology, February 2017.
6As compared to prior version of Windows. Forrester, Total Economic Impact of Windows 10.
^For the supported lifetime of the device.

Older PCs, even though they appear to be in good condition, are costing you money. A recent study from Techaisle1 shows that four-year old and older computers cost an average of $427 to repair. That’s means, just to keep the old one running, you could spend more than half the average cost of a new business class machine.

Older computers suffer from:

  • Performance issues including sluggish response and more frequent system crashes
  • Susceptibility to malware attacks
  • Recurrent connectivity issues

Plus, they increase employee frustration which lowers productivity and job satisfaction. The same study found that each employee using an older computer loses 42 productive work hours per year through downtime.

QualityIP System Refresh IT Services Kent Akron Cleveland

3 Steps to a PC Refresh from QualityIP

1.  Where appropriate, we’ll help you redistribute older machine to less critical roles, which allows you to extend their life without compromising productivity or your network. Then, we’ll configure and order new business class systems to replace your older computers that will:

  • Ensure compatibility with your network
  • Increase productivity and job satisfaction
  • Improve business application performance
  • Cut operating costs
  • Provide better security
  • Offer mobility options for your employees

2. We will install your new computers and make sure that your employees are up and running with minimal work interruption.

3. We will safely dispose of your old computers and monitors through our e Waste Recycling Program. Ask us about our new hard drive shredder which securely destroys your old data storage devices. Our program meets all compliance regulations.

Save time, save money, and be more secure. Ask us about a System Refresh today.

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After a dreary and protracted winter everyone is ready for spring and for a lot of us that also means spring cleaning. While you’re making plans to organize closets, cabinets, and garages—don’t forget to put sprucing up your office on your To-Do list as well.

QualityIP Spring Cleaning of technology consulting companiesYour IT equipment and server area are a great place to start. It’s easy with QualityIP. We will:

  • Dispose of old equipment through our e Waste Recycling Program
  • Replace older computers with new systems that save power and improve efficiencies
  • Organize and bundle cabling for tidier and safer surroundings
  • Remove dirt and dust from your computer environment which extends the life of your existing equipment
  • Test and replace battery backups
  • Wipe down keyboards, mice, and monitors

Check “IT Cleanup” off your spring cleaning list. Contact us to schedule yours today.

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data backup

Be Prepared—It’s what data backup is all about

When it comes to your business data, those two little words can mean the difference between your organization failing and prevailing.

Successful data backup is a two-pronged approach.

First, you need a strong local backup solution because 95% of all data restoration happens from your local network. Local data storage reduces stress and saves you time. It’s perfect for those instances when a file is corrupted or accidently deleted. Your network administrator can handle those situations quickly and easily.

Next, for those rare instances when a major system failure takes your network down, you need secure, reliable offsite data storage and system replication managed by an IT services provider you can trust. All QualityIP backup solutions utilize virtualization failover technologies. That means we can have a replica of your network, applications and data up and running from anywhere.

data backup

Of course, we’d prefer that you never have to rely on backup technologies. That is why our team of experts are just like the scouts—prepared.

We ensure your network is:

  • Built using best practices
  • Monitored to prevent failures
  • Maintained for optimal performance

QualityIP is the IT Consulting company you can trust. We install and maintain the right solution for your business. We manage the process 24/7—every day of the year. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your network is up and running and your data is safe.

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IT Security Guy

Simple IT Security Steps to Protect Your Business and Yourself

While we can’t stop lax security at major corporations from compromising our personal information, we can do a lot to protect our businesses and ourselves as we go about our normal day.

Simple steps to enhance IT Security:


As an IT provider, we schedule periodic reviews to verify the privacy settings on the devices connected to our client networks. These days every device, application, browser, and social media platform has security settings. Too often, without IT Support, they are set and then forgotten. The developers of these devices and apps routinely update them, which can add new security settings and even reset older ones. Following IT Security best practices, we review the security settings that are in place and make sure our customers are not sharing information that could compromise their devices and accounts.


Also, we routinely install application and firmware updates on network devices. Often, these updates include security patches that plug holes in the system. Without this layer of IT Security, it’s much easier for the bad guys to get in.

IT Security Guy


Strong, unique passwords on every site is a must. As standard practice, never use the same password on two different sites. To help with that, use a password management tool. They’re a great way to store and generate secure passwords. We can recommend a couple for you to consider for managing your personal passwords.

As an IT provider, we have a password management system in place to manage passwords companywide, keep them safe, and routinely update them. We also activate two-factor authentication wherever possible. It’s one more level of IT Security that goes a long way toward protecting you and your business.


Old hard drive destruction is essential to overall IT Security. As part of our e Waste Recycling Program, we shred all data storage devices such as: hard drives, solid state drives, thumb drives, circuit boards, memory cards, tablets and cell phones which makes data reconstruction impossible. We recycle all other parts of old computer systems in accordance with EPA standards.

It’s critical that privacy settings are managed, updates installed, and strong passwords used for all devices connected to your business network. In addition, old hard drive destruction should be a part of your overall IT security plan. Diligence in these areas go a long way toward keeping your business information and systems as well as your personal data secure.

QualityIP knows IT Security. We’re here to help

Watch Facebook, Twitter, and our blog for more IT Security tips throughout 2018.


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e waste

Start the New Year Off Right—Securely Dispose of e waste

Why wait until spring? Why not start 2018 off right and clean out the e Waste cluttering your office? Getting rid of your old computers, servers, and equipment is a great way to get everyone in your company excited about moving forward with a successful new year.
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Email scams and spoofing

Protect Yourself from Email Scams and Spoofing: Look for Red Flags and Take Simple Precautions

We recently posted on Social Media about the latest email scam making the rounds. For those posts, we were letting you know that scammers were trying to imitate a notification from Microsoft® about “unusual Office 365 Mailbox sign-in activity.” To detect the scam, we suggested that you look at the following red flags:

  1. The domain associated with the sender’s email address didn’t match a Microsoft domain. That’s a red flag. This email is likely spam.
  2. When moused over, the pop-up that appeared for the text links in the body of the email did not have a URL associated with a Microsoft domain—neither did the button. That’s another red flag indicating the email is likely spam.

These tips are a quick way to check out of the legitimacy of any email. The reason it’s so important to check out both the sender information and the link URLs is because of spoofing.
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Tech Gift Idea - Smartwatch

Five Tech Gifts Everyone Will Love to Find Under the Tree This Year
1. Smartwatch
A smartwatch is a great tech gift for anyone on your list who can’t get enough of their smartphone. It provides a fun and fashionable way to access that indispensable computer without reaching into their pocket. With a selection of models rivaled only by the variety of smartphones they have available, Apple and Android each carry a line of these miniature computers for the wrist.

IT Roadmap

Bypass Common Roadblocks with an IT Roadmap

Very successful businesses have one thing in common—strategic planning. It’s your vision of the future and the steps it will take to get there. Likely, one of the big steps you’re going to need to take in 2018 is to upgrade your business technology. It’s changing fast and a well thought out IT Roadmap is vital to moving ahead quickly and with fewer roadblocks along the way. Managed IT services from QualityIP will help you get there.

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