Two-Factor Authentication with AuthAnvil Provides Better Security

Have you heard of two-factor authentication with AuthAnvil? This is an IT management solution many companies have turned to for better data access control and (mobile) device management. Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA is a smart way to ensure your access to a particular site, program, or app is authenticated and verified properly. It’s also called multi-factor authentication, and weeds out the cyber imposters from the good guys, and does it quickly and simply. As the AuthAnvil proprietary site itself exclaims about the program, it offers “a truly world-class authentication platform designed with the end user in mind”.

How It Works

Basically, it works the same way as withdrawing money from a bank ATM machine, which requires you to have a bank card plus a PIN code for access. Your bank requires you to place your card into the ATM machine, and a matching PIN code to be typed in on the PIN pad. It doesn’t allow for time to fumble around and guess at PIN numbers – deliberately – before locking you out of your account access. Based on the combination of you possessing the card, and also knowing the PIN, you can withdraw money from virtually any bank ATM machine in the world that can communicate with your financial institution. This is exactly how “two-factor” authentication works: you need to have a unique physical key plus know a private PIN code. It’s actually much safer than the debit card-PIN combination scenario, because 2FA doesn’t require you to stand out at a physical ATM location, at the risk of being mugged.

With AuthAnvil two-factor authentication, you also need to have a 4 to 8-digit PIN that only you know – just like you have with your bank. But instead of using a bank card, you will use an authentication device called a “token,” which dynamically generates one-time passwords (OTP) that can only ever be used once. To increase the assurance that you are who you say you are when accessing sensitive systems and data centers protected by AuthAnvil 2FA, you will have to prove you know your PIN, and also have the OTP. Only when both factors are present will you be permitted to log on.

Need More Help with 2FA Security?

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