Case Study Stow Kent Animal Hospital Inc.

Stow Kent Animal Hospital Inc. relies on QualityIP to help their many locations stay connected and responsive so that they can better serve their clientele.

Stow Kent Animal Hospital Inc. is a multi-location veterinary practice, providing a range of services to pets and their owners including Dental Care, Pain Management, Radiology, Senior Care, Behavioral Medicine and more. Before connecting with QualityIP, they needed an IT company that could effectively service their three office locations, with availability in the evening and weekends to ensure minimal delays and downtime. Moreover, they needed a partner in IT that could ensure their IT infrastructure would grow at the same rate as their business to avoid any unnecessary alignment problems.

The situation: Stow Kent Animal Hospital Inc. needed an IT support provider that could resolve the connectivity and communication issues presented by maintaining multiple locations. 

Stow Kent Animal Hospital Inc. had a number of concerns with their telephony infrastructure, and other IT connections between their main and remote offices. Their multiple offices needed a reliable phone system that could provide auto-attendant capabilities to transfer calls, intercom, inner-office page and route calls after hours for urgent care items. Furthermore, as a paper-lite business, Stow Kent Animal Hospital Inc. relies on server connectivity between their sites so that files can be easily and reliably accessed.

Fortunately for Stow Kent Animal Hospital Inc., QualityIP has vast experience in networking, server support, and PC optimization. As a growing business, Stow Kent Animal Hospital Inc. wanted more longevity out of their equipment via a preventative maintenance schedule.

The solution: QualityIP helped Stow Kent Animal Hospital Inc. by implementing a wide variety of effective solutions for their telephony and connectivity problems that were occurring between their many sites.

QualityIP ended up being an ideal choice for Stow Kent Animal Hospital Inc., providing them with the following solutions to their list of concerns:

  • Implementation of a Cisco Phone System based in their main location
  • Installation of Managed Switches to prioritize traffic at all locations
  • Configuration of a fiber data networked to provide instant connectivity between their locations, greatly improving their Remote Desktop connections between remote sites, as well as their printing capabilities, and reduced expenses for phones
  • Implementation of a virtualization failover to ensure guaranteed uptime thresholds for their Avimark systems

Since partnering with QualityIP, the staff at Stow Kent Animal Hospital Inc. have enjoyed the highly responsive nature of the service. “I know I can call in and get the help I need when I need it,” says Laura Chesnut, Office Manager for Stow Kent Animal Hospital Inc. “Working with Sarah and Ryan over the years has helped me build a solid working relationship and I know if I have an issue (which is very rare), I know I can take it to them and we can resolve it in a timely manner. “ 

The Outcome: Stow Kent Animal Hospital Inc. now enjoys a reliable and automated phone system for greater efficiency between sites, as well a responsive connectivity among their many locations for server use and other daily tasks.

To this day, QualityIP continues to provide all-inclusive IT services that address each and every one of Stow Kent Animal Hospital Inc.’s IT needs on an ongoing basis.

“I work very closely with Ethan and Ken,” says Laura. “I like the ability to have them remote log-in and see what I see when we are having issues.” 

To benefit from QualityIP’s proactive and high-value support today, get in touch with them at (330) 931-4141 or [email protected]. You too can enjoy the success that Stow Kent Animal Hospital Inc. has gained with the best IT support available today.