Cisco ECS Certification

QualityIP Achieves Express Collaboration Specialized Certification To Better Support Our Clients’ Cisco Technology.

QualityIP is pleased to announce that we are now Express Collaboration Specialized (ECS) Certified for Cisco products. Cisco is a worldwide leader in hardware provision and integrated networking solutions that equip businesses around the Globe with undeniably effective technology. You’re likely using a Cisco product for your business already, but to leverage these applications for the best results, you need to be sure that your IT support company is adequately prepared to support them.  

Cisco ECS

For more information about our certified Cisco expertise and what it can do for your {city} business, get in touch with QualityIP today at (330) 931-4141 or [email protected].

QualityIP offers fully certified service that can help your business make the most of your Cisco set up. Our ECS Partnership allows us to:

  • Develop superior Cisco technological solutions for our clients’ integrated networking solutions
  • Offer a greater competency with Cisco’s popular line of products
  • Provide unparalleled support for Cisco’s Voice, Messaging and Video Conferencing technology

You use Cisco technology every single day, so don’t allow your {city} business to settle for general IT support. While almost any IT support provider can be a registered partner with Cisco products, that’s nothing compared to the distinction that comes with ECS Certification.

This premium specialization also gives us access to a range of vital Cisco resources and exclusive features, which we’ll pass on to our clients. Don’t bother with a generic Cisco support provider when you can work with the best!

To learn more about what our certified Cisco expertise can offer your {city} company, get in touch with QualityIP today at (330) 931-4141 or send us an email at [email protected]