Are you aware of all the benefits offered by the cloud?

Cloud computing will protect you from disaster, boost productivity, cut maintenance expenses, and more.

QualityIP knows how to use the cloud to make your equipment more efficient and reliable.

Office 365

Gone are the days when CDs were required to access top-end software. Businesses can now access their favorite Office apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) remotely with Office 365. It’s more affordable to pay a small monthly fee for Office 365 than it is to invest in a physical copy of Microsoft Office for every employee.

Hosted Services

With on-site equipment, it’s difficult to manage growth in a cost-effective way. You’ll be required to invest in more equipment when you start to see more traffic than your system can handle. And when traffic slows down again, you’ll find yourself with more equipment than you really need, and you’re still stuck with that hefty initial investment and also the additional maintenance and electricity expenses it takes to support new equipment.

Tapping into a pool of limitless resources over the cloud makes it easier for your level of service to match your current needs and budget. When business picks up you can scale your services up with just the click of a button, and when business slows down it’s just as easy to save money and scale your service back down.

Cloud-Based File Sharing

Enhance your workforce’s production by allowing them to access business data over their mobile devices and collaborate from home or in the field instead of being limited to the office. Employees get more done when they have the ability to fit work into their busy schedules and work from where they’re most comfortable. Cloud-Based file sharing is one of the many cloud services we offer in Cleveland and Akron.

Cloud-Based Backup

Are you prepared for disaster? On-site backups will protect your files in most disaster scenarios, but there are events such as fires and floods that will destroy on-site backups as well as the original files the backups were designed to protect. What would you lose if your on-site backups failed? Store backups on the cloud and you’ll be able to protect your files even if your whole office is leveled.

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