Cloud Services

What Exactly Are Cloud Services?

Cloud Services—it’s a term that’s almost as nebulous as the ones floating in the sky!

If it’s so confusing, why should your company consider them?

Cloud Services are easiest to understand when you think of them as any form of computing that isn’t only on your local computer or network. That means applications like Office 365® or your business software that use an Internet connection to access and store your data are Cloud Services. It’s called Software as a Service (SaaS) in the IT industry.

If it’s Internet based computing—it’s a Cloud Service.

Where it gets confusing is that some of these applications also allow you to store the software and a copy of your data locally so that you can work offline (without an Internet connection). Even so, if it’s Internet based computing—it’s a Cloud Service.

Plus, there are services such as offsite backup, hosting, file sharing like OneDrive®, and virtualization technology for servers, storage devices, or network resources which are also Cloud solutions.

Then, individual companies use the Cloud to host their own file sharing, or for remote access to applications through a virtual private network (VPN) using Office 365 and SharePoint.

How many Cloud Services do you use in a day?

Wow…when you stop to think about it, most of us use several forms of Cloud Services every day. The question is—how do you know if your organization is taking full advantage of the cost savings, productivity boosts, and disaster protection the Cloud offers?

QualityIP knows.

Whether your business is in Akron, Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, or Fort Myers, Naples and Southwest Florida you can get a free assessment and certification of your network from QualityIP, your local managed services provider. Rely on us for a well Managed Cloud, we’ll make sure you have the right combination of Cloud solutions in place to achieve your business goals.

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