Hacker Exploits Extend to iPhones and iPads, Can Access Your Data and Location

iPhone and iPad vulnerabilities, or zero-days exploits allow hackers to access any and all data, know your location by GPS co-locating, and also be able to use your camera to spy on you. Although Apple released the patch in the form of iOS update 9.3.5, the security vulnerability still runs rampant out there for any and all who didn’t download the patch and update their iPhones or other Apple devices. Many are just waiting around for iOS 10 to come out, unsuspecting that anytime, anywhere hackers could feed them an exploit to unwittingly click on and have their entire iOS database turned over to malicious hackers. Even so-called encrypted messages – like those sent through WhatsApp and iMessage – can be read by hackers using the current iOS exploit.

Smartphone Location

Get Updated, Don’t Wait

If this is the first you are hearing of the potentially costly iOS exploit, then don’t wait – update your iOS to 9.3.5 immediately. There is talk in certain Internet circles about waiting for the next patch or update, but this hesitancy is what hackers are counting on. They want you to blink or rest, missing critical patches and updates from Apple, so they can stick their foot in your cybernetic door and rifle through your private data. Make sure all of your hardware running iOS is updated to version 9.3.5, and then update to iOS 10 when that debuts, if it avails you. But, the main point is not to wait while hackers come up with more ways to exploit your Web surfing habits and infiltrate your iOS, apps, and other interfaces.

Be a Security-Aware Anti-Hacker

With Russian hackers gaining entry to U.S. healthcare facilities, government agencies, and even voter databases, and adding to the general hack-happy atmosphere out there in cyberspace, being super-aware and security-prepared is the best defense. It is said we vote with our dollars now, in a corporate-dominated political world; well, you can vote “No to Hackers” by having maximum security on all of your devices. Likewise, having mobile device management, or MDM as part of managed IT services from a trusted IT firm is also one of the best ways you can vote these cyber-tyrants down. And, whatever you do, DO NOT pay those who lock down your computers and tell you to “pay up, or else…” with their ransomware schemes. Doing so simply encourages them to go right on doing it. Instead of that, cut that cost to a fraction of ransomware demands or HIPAA fines and get yourself an IT support team that will partner with you and your business venture to allow you safe and secure passage online and off.

Call in the IT Pros

Don’t let hackers win their little game by giving them what they want. Fight back with better IT security and ongoing maintenance that gives you 24/7 monitoring of all your networks, data centers, and devices. Real IT experts know the tricks and steps to beat hackers and their exploits at their own game.

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