How Dynamics NAV 2017 is Bringing Two Worlds Together

Dynamics NAV 2017 was just released and it is going to change the way you do business. It now allows for integration between two key systems you may already be using.

Dynamics NAV 2017 is now available for download and with the release come some new updates. One of the biggest benefits of the software is that it is now bringing two worlds together, especially if you are already using Office 365.

Dynamics NAV 2017

How it Changes the Office 365 Experience

Dynamics NAV 2017 is now an included add-in for Office 365. It allows you to invoice your customers based on entries in your Outlook calendar. When you open a calendar appointment, you will also be able to open the Dynamics NAV add-in. Once you do this, you can get an overview of the customer that is linked to that appointment. Also, you can create and send invoices to them directly from the calendar invite. You can even work directly with any attachments to the email. When it is time to update the add-in, you will get notified so it is one less thing you have to remember to do. Not only does the add-in work for the calendar but is also allows you to send email attachments to the Incoming Documents list. You can even send the documents to an Optical Characters Recognition service where they can be turned into machine-readable documents. This allows the invoice to be automatically added to Dynamics NAV. This can increase your office productivity as well as reduce the likelihood of errors. There is a Contacts List within Dynamics NAV and you can manually sync this list and your contact list in Office 365 so they are the same. You can transfer all contacts over or use a filter to only sync contacts that you use the most often.

Power BI and Dynamics NAV 2017

Dynamics NAV 2017 can be used with Power BI as well. When you make insightful charts, graphs, and reports through Power BI, you can use the embedded option in Dynamics NAV 2017 to also view them in your Role Center within the new update. You will need the Dynamics NAV 2017 Power BI content pack to get started, however. All existing reports will be accessible through your Dynamics NAV 2017 Role Center, though, and you will not have to recreate anything. Within the content pack, you will be given sample reports tat can be used in a demo or production environment. You even have the ability to make edits to the content pack for your own use. By linking the two, users will have easier access to everything they need to get the job done within their Role Center.

Dynamics NAV 2017 is a great add-in to make work easier and more productive. It can be beneficial to many individuals and businesses. For more information about the Dynamics NAV 2017 update, be sure to contact QualityIP in {city} via (330) 931-4141 or [email protected].