Is Your Home Really Secure?

Don’t take your home security for granted. Burglars are not only incredibly fast but also tend not to leave fingerprints or other clues to their identity, which means that the chances are very small that you will ever see your valuables again.

It may be next to impossible to make your home 100% burglar proof, but it doesn’t need to be. Thieves look for easy targets so you can drastically lower the odds of becoming a victim of a burglary by following the tips outlined below.

Home Security

Lock Doors and Windows

Check every single window and door at dusk to make sure the house is securely locked. Nearly one in three burglars get into a home through an unlocked door or window. If family members in your home prefer to leave windows open for air, consider investing in metal window bars to prevent unauthorized entry.

Make Sure Locks are Secure

Not all locks are secure; in fact, many burglars can gain easy access to a home by simply kicking a door down. You can solve this problem by reinforcing locks, making sure your door jams are solid and providing a secure foundation for any deadbolts.

Light Up

Lights are one of a burglar’s worst enemies. It is of particular importance to light up doorways so intruders don’t have a dark corner where they can pick a lock to gain entry. If you are concerned about your energy bill, invest in solar powered lights. They are reliable, relatively affordable and easy to install.

Cut Back the Shrubbery

Trees and bushes can be great hiding places for any burglar who wants to sneak into your home. Don’t grow tall bushes right next to your house and watch out for trees with long branches growing near a balcony or upper story window.

Put Stuff Away

Walk around the outside of your house before you lock up at night and put away any tools that a burglar may use to get inside your home. Keep ladders, gardening tools, handyman tools and other accessories in a locked outdoor shed or inside your garage so that an intruder can’t use these items to get inside the house. Naturally, you will also want to put away items such as bicycles, scooters, and skateboards at the same time so someone can’t walk off with them.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Your neighbors are likely busy people who won’t be keeping an eye on your property all the time. However, they can spot suspicious behavior if they know you and your family well. They may realize that someone attempting to get into your house is not a family member or they may hear noises at a time when they know you are not usually up and awake.

Install a Home Alarm System

Homes without a security system are three times more likely to be burglarized than homes with a good security system. Investing in home security will not only protect your valuables but also safeguard your peace of mind as many people remain traumatized for months after experiencing a break-in. Be sure to post an alarm sign in a prominent location in your front yard, as burglars tend to avoid homes with security systems.

Don’t Slack Off

Check your home every single day. Try to look at it from a thief’s point of view and consider how it could be broken into. It is also a good idea to stay abreast of home security developments that can help you improve your home’s security.

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