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Since 2004, QualityIP has focused on building a better IT support program for companies searching for IT services near me. We support businesses and organizations across the U.S without the frustrations typically experienced with IT companies.

Our services begin with solving IT issues correctly, the first time, and addressing the pain points we hear about other IT companies that our clients have worked with. We have adopted these solutions as our standard processes to deliver a better IT support experience.

With QualityIP as your IT consultant, you can expect the following:

  1. Competency and solutions that work
  2. Fair pricing
  3. Outstanding customer support
  4. Smooth transition to our IT services
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Proactive IT Services to Keep Everything Running

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Clients choose QualityIP because our processes and trained personnel prevent complications before they even happen. That is the QualityIP difference. We understand the complexities of your business and take responsibility for monitoring, supporting, and protecting your critical assets that rely on IT consultation

Our goal is to be an integral extension of your team and to support the technology and infrastructure you need to succeed. For all of these reasons, QualityIP delivers the gold standard in IT consulting, services, and support.

Customized IT Solutions That Work

We Are Proud to Partner with the Following Companies
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Get IT Support From an Award-Winning Managed IT Services Provider

We provide qualified help when you need it most – even on weekends.

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QualityIP is proud to be named the 15th fastest growing company in Cleveland.

To our team members and our customers, thank you!

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The Start of Your IT Services Journey with QualityIP

Usually, we meet our clients because they have contacted our HelpDesk, which is the core of our IT services and the glue that binds our team together. When you call our HelpDesk, you always reach a real person, which is uncommon in today’s technical world. We offer extended hours and one of our team members is always on call, 24/7/365. From the start, you talk to an IT analyst who will help you troubleshoot. If they are not able to fix your problem right away, they will send you to a QualityIP expert in that specific area. Working with the right expert to solve your issue is a key component of the responsive services QuaityIP provides.

Often, a business has called our HelpDesk because of a single problem, but what we tend to find as we delve deeper is that the initial problem is simply symptomatic of other larger issues. This is why we say that our managed IT services are a derivative of our HelpDesk services. So many times, we find that pulling a thread reveals that hardware was purchased that the company has never used, or that Microsoft Office 365 was never installed correctly. Sometimes we find that the wiring of a business is set up incorrectly. Our ability to spot these issues early tends to open the door to more prosperous and long-term consulting partnerships.

Your IT Roadmap: The Start of Your IT Services Journey with QualityIP

At QualityIP, one of our often-repeated phrases is, “It takes a village.” What we mean is that by the time you add up everything that a business needs to maintain, care for, procure, and update technology, it is much more than a single person or small team can realistically handle. Our IT support model is based on silos of expertise. This tried-and-true methodology ensures our IT services are delivered effectively and efficiently.

What does that look like? Let’s say we discover that your business is not fully benefiting from your Microsoft Office 365 investment – there are capabilities you aren’t using yet. We also inform you of hardware and software updates, including security software, that constantly need to be monitored and updated. Each experienced department, from procurement and security to cloud and edge hosting, can take care of the entire myriad of support that your business needs.

Your Account Manager

Another way that we improve client satisfaction is by providing a single point of contact who you work with consistently. That is why we assign an account manager to all of our clients. Your account manager is your IT go-to. If you are weighing a purchase and want a second opinion, you can ask your account manager. If you have concerns about something, you can run those concerns by your account manager. Your account manager is there to be the fully informed IT consultant you have always dreamed of.

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The QualityIP Dispatch Team

Time is money and wasted time due to technical issues can be minimized both with our proactive support and fast response times. Our dispatch team is no different than other on-call teams. They are responsible for making sure all HelpDesk tickets are progressing on-time. They keep us on our toes, and we would not have it any other way.

Procurement Team

Whether you want to invest in a new inventory of computers, a new firewall, or a single printer, our procurement team will assist with recommending products that will work seamlessly with your existing business hardware and software. They will also order the product, track the shipping, and schedule the installation date for you. There is zero hassle for you in what can otherwise be a source of big headaches.

IT services near me that will build solid relationships with their customers
IT services near me that is focused on building a better IT support program

Cloud Team

In the scenario listed above, your dedicated QualityIP partners would also include our Cloud Team. We have been in this business for a long time, and almost every time we audit a company’s Microsoft Office 365 program, we find it is either not installed correctly or is not being fully utilized. Businesses can benefit tremendously from tools like SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive, but it can be daunting to set everything up, especially when security issues are on everyone’s mind. Our Cloud Team takes care of all facets of your Microsoft Office 365 investment and maximizes the ROI of that expense.

QualityIP HelpDesk

While our HelpDesk is often an entry point, it is also a support system for existing clients. Once you establish a monthly contract with us, your staff can contact our HelpDesk without incurring an invoice every time. When we work with you month over month, our HelpDesk services are just part of our monthly rate.

IT services near me with outstanding customer support
IT services near me that provides qualified help when you need it most

Integrated Coordination

Ensuring your QualityIP technicians work in tandem is handled through a document we present to you early in our relationship called your IT Roadmap. This defines our plan which is established in the initial audit and our first conversation with you and your team. We set a proposed budget, explain fully what we would provide and how those services would be provided, and present all of that information to you for approval. The questions we ask and the advice we give while developing this document usually convince prospective clients that we are the long-term IT services consultant they need and want. If we ever have to swerve away from the roadmap, we will alert you before doing anything not previously agreed upon.

Let’s Build a Strategic Plan to Strengthen and Maximize Your IT Infrastructure.

IT services near me that really work.

Relationships Are Everything

At QualityIP, most of our work, about 90% of it, is remote. The less you see us, the better the quality of our work. Despite this function of modern life and 21st-century business, we still center everything we do on building relationships. For us, the sense of pride does not come from fixing a computer or installing a newer, more aggressive Sophos firewall. Those things are great, and we know they help the businesses we serve. What we really want to do, however, is become a trusted partner to your business. We want to be sure the computers you use are the best match for what your employees need to do. We want to make sure those pesky updates are taken care of so no one’s productivity slows down. We want to save your business money by helping you run more efficiently and effectively. If you want to make the necessary changes to improve your business but you don’t know how to start, QualityIP will make it happen. We are with you every step of the way.

it services near me with a strategic plan

We are a reliable and responsible tech company. Many of our clients have been with us for a decade or more, and that is not all that common in our industry. We believe in thoroughly examining our clients’ businesses. We want to know everything about the technology that makes your company operate. Then, we want to make sure we do everything possible to make that system run smoothly every day, all day.

Even though we initially begin by working with the C-Suite of a business, we appreciate the opportunity to get to know everyone. If you are a CFO, a COO, or a CEO, you know various facets of your company need technology to do specific things. Sometimes different software is needed. Sometimes there are varying levels of understanding about how to be proactive against cyber security threats. Sometimes someone just has a hard time figuring out how to get a certain Microsoft Office 365 function to work on their computer. We dig in with everybody. We have the time and bandwidth your IT force may not have. We supplement that team, enabling them to do what they do best. Whatever gaps need to be filled, we gladly fill them.

IT Services Near Me – At a Fair Price

There is a perception, often proven true, that the more customized a solution, the more expensive it has to be. That is why one-size-fits-all services are so predominant in today’s business world. At QualityIP we believe in customized solutions, but we do not believe in making businesses overpay for what they deserve. We guarantee that our price is far lower than that of our main competitors. The way we do business helps our clients save money over the long term.

How do we do that?

Custom Solutions Mean Custom Prices

Our IT roadmaps are developed specifically for the client we are talking to, and we discuss the budget with that client to make the plan work. No one wins if we propose a solution at a cost you can’t afford.

Monthly Pricing

Instead of quoting you a new price every time we work on your account, we prefer quoting our clients based on monthly recurring fees. The roadmap establishes what these monthly services will cover. For example, we might propose to you a combination of Cloud Services, Managed Support, and Managed Services, plus access to our HelpDesk. You can expect the same monthly fee unless you want to add something new to the mix. The opportunity for everyone on your team to call our HelpDesk as part of that recurring fee can be a significant cost-saver over time.

Minimized Training

Our use of the account manager structure means you do not need to spend time educating QualityIP experts about your business, what has been completed, and where you want your business to go. We come to every conversation 100% up to speed.

Sensible Recommendations

Finally, we make recommendations based on our expertise and our knowledge of your company. If we recommend a product or service, it is because we genuinely feel it will be beneficial for you, and we will explain how and why.

Contact Us Today To Discuss an Audit of Your Company’s IT.

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What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Every service that we offer, from the HelpDesk and account managers to the dispatch team and cyber security, has the same goal – establishing proactive solutions. QualityIP is built upon the idea of protection and prevention. Our IT Roadmap provides details on how we will curate your custom proactive approach for the duration of our partnership. You will see from the start that each QualityIP service and department work together for a cohesive monitoring and protection plan.

When you become a QualityIP client, your success is our success. While our proactive approach to IT monitoring is what differentiates us, we will always be ready to assist you. If a crisis arises, our skilled technicians are just a phone call away. For first-time clients, this is our opportunity to explain why our unique relationship model can mitigate future obstacles. We prefer relationship-based IT services near me over one-time tickets because we are confident that QualityIP will be the managed services provider you have always needed.

Why Is a Managed Services Provider Necessary?

Feeling unsure about investing in IT consulting is understandable, but it may be time to consider the future of technology. Cyber security has never been more at risk than it is today. With more companies adopting remote work and fewer in-office days, there are more vulnerabilities in networks. Without the proper protection and monitoring, software breaches are inevitable. Hackers are looking for gaps in cyber security to exploit. Remote work policies and outdated cyber security protocols create the perfect IT storm.

If your business has also continued with the work-from-home model, you probably have a large team of employees who need remote access to work networks and files. Without a complete setup, your team could be wasting significant time and money. If you have increased your number of remote employees, you could also face different time zone challenges. As your business grows, consider choosing an MSP provider like QualityIP to secure and advance your business.

Our unique IT solutions protect your business and help you get the most out of your investment in technology. Start a conversation with QualityIP about the right IT services near me for your business.