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QualityIP is one of the top providers for IT services and consulting in the Northeast Ohio area. We have locations in Kent, Akron, and Cleveland.

We know that running a business is a full time job, that requires immense time and effort, and you shouldn’t let IT concerns prevent you from reaching your business’s fullest potential. Let QualityIP focus on your IT needs, and assure that your business is safe and secure. Our goal is to increase your business’s efficiency while maximizing its network safety, giving your business the greatest chance to succeed.

Your network going down is a costly event. Managed IT Services from QualityIP are designed to prevent downtime and increase the reliability of your network. Regular monitoring and maintenance, as well as strategic planning assistance are included to give you everything you need at a predictable cost. We offer a comprehensive list of managed services including InfrastructureIT SecurityCloud, and IT Support. We back them with a group of Specialized Services to ensure you have everything you need. Choose QualityIP as your IT Services provider.

Improve your network reliability.

Managed Infrastructure

To reach your business goals, you need the right IT equipment. With Managed Infrastructure from QualityIP, we work with you to decide the best combination of hardware, software, and cloud services to help you efficiently achieve them. Then, our team of experts guide you every step of the way; from procurement to installation then continuous monitoring and maintenance, we’re committed to building and maintaining a frustration-free environment for you.

Managed IT Security

IT Security requires a multi-layered approach to defend your mission-critical computer equipment and to protect your offices as well. However, firewalls, malware, and physical security systems are just a part of the protection you need. Intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and change management are some of the other IT Security resources you need.

Even with all of that in place, the importance of Security Awareness Training (SAT) cannot be overlooked. According to recent statistics, 95% of all breaches are a direct result of human error. QualityIP offers SAT for your employees. The weekly micro training included with the service keeps security awareness top of mind for your team and helps to prevent common mistakes that lead to serious breaches that can cripple your business.

Managed Cloud

The cloud is a powerful tool, and it brings with it lots of choices. How do you decide which solutions work best for you and how do you tie them together with your on-premise IT? Our team of dedicated Cloud experts knows what you need and exactly how it all works together. Stability, agility, and mobility—with the right guidance it’s all the cloud.

Managed IT Support

There’s more to Managed IT Support than a HelpDesk, even one, like ours, that’s open until 11 PM weekdays and on the weekends too. It’s having a full complement of IT specialists working as hard for you as an in-house resource would work. It’s having the broadest range of expertise possible advising you. Managed IT support from QualityIP gets you the knowledge of a Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief IT Security Officer (CISO), and the know-how of more than 50 IT professionals certified by the top IT vendors in the industry.

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