5 Reasons Customers Choose Managed Services

Reliability Improves

Downtime is your enemy. It frustrates your staff and keeps them from doing their jobs. It also costs you money. Recent research shows that the average cost per minute of downtime for a small business is between $137 to $427. That’s a cost of up to $25,602 an hour!

When you sign up for Unlimited Managed Services from QualityIP, productivity goes up because downtime is greatly reduced. We constantly monitor your systems looking for potential issues that we fix before they cause any downtime. If problems do pop up, we’re on it within minutes handling whatever we can remotely.

When needed, we have replacement equipment for all mission critical devices that’s on its way to you in minutes. Our fully stocked Tech Trucks are staffed by a qualified technician who’ll get you up and going again as quickly as possible. QualityIP knows IT reliability is essential to your success.

ROI Increases

You have a budget for everything else it takes to run your business. Why not your IT? With Managed Services from QualityIP you can. Our team of experts take the pressure off your limited in-house resources. We’re experienced at resolving technical issues and that experience makes us more efficient. Daily operations are optimized and profitability improves.

Strategic Planning Assistance

Our extremely knowledgeable team knows what you need. We recommend solutions that streamline your processes and stretch your budget farther. We eliminate surprises by providing a practical plan for upgrading your computers as they become obsolete. We alert you to the latest technological innovations and help you implement the ones that give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Stronger Security and Better Protection

Prevention and preparation are key to business survival in the Internet age. QualityIP installs best-in-class antivirus and malware protection as well as state-of-the-art firewalls configured to give you the greatest protection possible. Our backup solutions are regularly tested and monitored daily to ensure that if you should ever need it, your data is there and ready to restore. Our clients also benefit from business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Business Focus

Once you stop struggling with IT issues, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before QualityIP. Suddenly, you’ll have more time focus on your business and your clients and that changes everything. QualityIP knows IT.

Does Your IT Need TLC?

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