Meet Your Quality IT Consulting Experts

QualityIP was founded by Ryan Markham over a decade ago, back in 2003. It was a small operation back then, with few clients that weren’t friends and family. Our specialty was Voice over IP (VoIP), which accounted for well over half our business. The VoIP service was so popular it inspired the second half of our namesake, Quality IP.

We refused to be limited by our name, though. Over time QualityIP weaned its focus away from >50% VoIP to a more balanced distribution of services.

A more diverse selection of services soon led to more customers.  Accommodating this growth required Ryan’s wife Sarah Markham to sign on as Vice President in 2008 and help with the extra workload. We finally had the resources to hire our own sales staff as well, and many of those initial hires are still core team members today.

Since 2008 we’ve expanded considerably, now supporting over 350 businesses across northeastern Ohio. We’d love to add your business to that total and make the length of our client list even more impressive.

The Low Cost and Stress Relief of Managed Services

Compare the cost of a managed service provider to hiring your own IT workers and you’ll find that outsourcing your IT needs produces savings that are too significant to ignore.

Employees are expensive, likely your business’s largest investment. If you’re not an IT consulting expert yourself, how do you know what to look for when hiring IT support staff? Trusting your own uninformed judgment could very well end up with you hiring a less than qualified candidate. Then you’ll be forced to go through the whole hiring process again after that disaster of a hire doesn’t work out.

Even if you do find a qualified candidate, you still might find yourself scrambling to find someone else for the position soon. Top-level prospects have the skill set and experience to attract other offers, and you can bet they’ll pack up and leave without much hesitation if they can find a higher-paying position elsewhere.

Striking that fine balance between overqualified and underqualified is difficult and frustrating. QualityIP takes the stress out of managing your IT solution.

The incredible savings are another potent stress reliever. For less than the cost of a single full-time employee, QualityIP will do the work of an entire IT department, protecting your network from viruses, maintaining equipment, backing up data, migrating systems to the cloud, and more.

Best of Both Worlds

Slashing tech expenses won’t do you much good if it results in a less reliable network. Additional downtime would offset any potential savings.

But our managed IT services have proven to be an exception to the old rule of “You get what you pay for.”

Businesses today need a secure network and next generation phone systems to effectively support their staff and serve their clients. There’s no better networking hardware option than Cisco.  Our Cisco-related resources and expertise will allow you to take advantage of some of the most powerful equipment available.

Not only will you be saving money compared to an in-house solution: you’ll also get the same level of service that you would with your own IT department.

We Will Be Your IT Partner

We don’t want to be the invisible hand that just fixes problems and keeps everything running smoothly with making any long-term contributions. We want to collaborate with you and do all we can to help you grow.

Perhaps our most attractive feature is that clients have easy access to our highest-level staff, right up to the president, Ryan. We’re never too busy to pick up the phone when you have an immediate problem to report or there’s some other tech topic you’d like to discuss.

So go ahead and call our support line whenever you have an issue. Even if it’s after hours, someone will answer.

We are a part of all the companies we support. Together we will work out a long-term plan that meets your needs, cuts all unnecessary expenses, and sets you up for future success.

Book your complimentary IT services meeting with our QualityIP team.  Call (330) 931-4141 or email us at [email protected].