QualityIP Achieves Cisco’s Premier Certified Partner Status

In our continued effort to bring the very best in services and expertise to our clients, members of the QualityIP team have been diligently working behind the scenes to secure Cisco’s Premier Certified Partner status. The certification process involved our fantastic staff putting much effort and many hours into training and testing.

In the end, all of that hard work has been well worth it! As part of the Cisco Channel Partner Program, QualityIP is able to offer more to our customers, see broader view of what Cisco can do for our customers, and have a firm grasp on the whole Cisco life-cycle. Because our staff has taken the time and made the effort to train in these specific specializations, we are confident that we are the company that can effectively deliver mid-market level opportunities to our valued client base.

One of the attractive benefits that we can now offer to our clients is the Cisco Smart Care Service. Our time with Cisco has taught us that Cisco Smart Care Service is useful to you because it:

  • Verifies that your network is secure and efficient
  • Delivers dashboard visibility into network performance
  • Provides information to better manage and improve your network
  • Reduces the time and effort necessary to keep your network running optimally
  • Allows you to foresee potential problems before they impact your business
  • Offers you the combined advantages of Cisco and its partners in a single service offering

(from www.cisco.com)

The services we can now offer through Cisco, however, go far beyond the Cisco Smart Care Service. With our new certification we can do interesting and smart things like setting up small businesses with just one box that will give them:

  • Security
  • Wireless
  • Switching Environment
  • Routing Environment
  • Voice

Our newly certified technicians can remotely monitor, access, and modify anything that is IT communications related at that small business from our secure data center through Cisco Monitor Director. A simple Cisco solution like this can save the average small business both time and the frustration of working with several different incompatible solutions.

Our Cisco Channel Partner Program Premier Certification gives our experts the knowledge and the certification to assess the internal functions of a business like yours and to make informed recommendations regarding Cisco solutions that will work well for your specific challenges. We can then implement as well as remotely monitor and update those solutions for you giving you a seamless Cisco communications experience.

We are very proud of this new certification, but more than that, the QualityIP team is excited about the advantages that our clients can access due to this advanced Premier Partner level within the Cisco Channel Partner Program.

To find out how these newly-offered Cisco services and Cisco certified technicians can benefit your business, call QualityIP at (330) 931-4141 or email us at [email protected]. We’d be happy to walk you through the solution options available.