Repros, Inc. Has Confidence That QualityIP Can Help Provide Them With Quality IT

Cleveland IT Support

When the premier wide format printer and equipment dealer in Northeastern Ohio – Repros, Inc., was running into issues managing their complex network, and feared facing bigger issues by doing updates, QualityIP came in and was able to ease their minds, and provide solutions.

Technology seems to be in continual transition, and without someone in the team keeping up to date with the changes, companies face significant challenges keeping up at all.

The Situation: A Need for Updated Technologies & IT Management to Keep Them Connected!

When Repros, Inc. began experiencing difficulties managing their exchange environment and network, they started looking at the potential of upgrading – However, that was a challenge too.

Lou La Guardia of Repros, Inc., says, “Our biggest challenge was figuring out how to make this work and still allow people within our environment to make the Office 365 feel like there was a server in the main office.”.

The Solution: Major Updates & A Knowledgeable Team to Bring Them Up to Speed!

Guardia remarks, “QualityIP’s  team was pretty much exactly what we needed. The right size, right knowledge base – perfect for our organization.”

With that knowledge base, QualityIP was able to make many  improvements, including:

  • Transitioning Repros, Inc. from an internal Exchange Server to Office 365 with SharePoint + Skype for Business.
  • Setup email integration when their accounting system was having trouble emailing invoices/reports.
  • Set up VM to email and calling groups to help maximize the benefits of their Cisco Phone System.
  • Cleaned up Active Directory users and started an onboarding/offboarding process.
  • Redesigned Group Policies.
  • Fixed remote office VPNs.
  • Setup Remote Desktop Services for remote sites.

We were able to successfully mitigate some of the problems of buying Office 365 . . .  They really came around and talked about the business challenges that would be brought up by 365 and how we could mitigate those problems. That was a critical differentiator from other people who didn’t understand.” says Guardia.

The Outcome: More Reliable Networks & Constant Improvements for Positive Change!

Since partnering with QualityIP, Repros Inc. has noticed significant benefits. Guardia notes, “The people you talk to, there’s a good breadth of talent within the organization.”

He continues expressing appreciation, saying, “There have been enough positive things that have happened, that almost everybody within our environment has felt positive change from the things we’ve done”, and after experiencing many frustrations and pains from previous IT management, Guardia says they see “consistent problems being resolved”.

QualityIP can help you unlock IT solutions for success! To learn how, call us at (330) 931-4141 or send us an email: [email protected].