Sony Debuts 4K Security Camera

Sony’s latest security camera comes with a whole host of exciting and innovative features designed to let consumers make the most of their investment. The crystal clear image quality offered by 4K technology outshines it’s HD predecessors, generating more reliable and usable security footage. This means less time and effort wasted on trying to clean up or correct blurry images, and better coverage of the areas you’re trying to protect.

Not only is now possible to cover a larger surveillance area with less equipment, the Intelligent Cropping feature lets you track moving objects in real time, focusing on a specific target area while still recording HD background footage. You can follow and zoom in on a face or licence plate, or pull still frame shots up on the screen to examine them side by side. Up to four “regions of interest” can be viewed simultaneously. (If you’ve ever wanted to pretend that you’re tracking Jason Bourne through Midtown, this is your chance.)

The camera is able to make automatic adjustments to account for changes in weather or lighting conditions, in addition to parameter presets you can program yourself and manually switch between. You’ll never have to worry about an important piece of footage being unusable.

The camera’s wide range has the added bonus of presenting you with a lower installation cost. When fewer cameras are needed to cover the required surveillance area, you save on both the equipment cost, and the fees and man hours required to get your new system up and running.

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