These 3 Tips Will Prevent You From Getting Hacked

Hackers today are getting better and better at luring you into their attacks. They use malicious websites, which trick you into downloading viruses or giving away information. Some of these sites can find and exploit security holes in your computer and download a virus without you knowing. Even trusted websites can have malicious advertisements since hackers have ways of getting ad networks to run their virus bait.

Computer Network Security

Here are 3 tips designed to help you protect yourself from getting hacked:

  • Keep Your Computer Updated

As annoying as it is, upgrading your computer means strengthening your defenses against attackers. One of the main focus with upgrades is fixing the security problems of the previous version. By having up to date software, you are making it much harder for attackers to find ways into your computer since they naturally will know less about an operating system upgrade that just came out compared to one that has been out for a while.

  • Pay Attention To The Presentation Of The Website

Hackers don’t want to spend money on expensive websites so they will often throw together generic sites with often ridiculous domain names like “”. These sites are usually riddled with spelling mistakes and poor grammar and generally look poor quality. This is a clear sign that you are on a malicious website designed to trick you into downloading a virus.

  • Pay Attention to the Website’s Content.

Keep in mind what the website is asking you to do. Does it seem fishy or too-good-to-be-true? Does the website offer you something at the condition of entering a drawing or filling out a survey? All of these a clever tricks to get you to give away your personal information in exchange for some type of prize. Often, you’ll find malicious websites say things along the lines of, ‘You’ve won an exclusive trip for two!’

Staying educated on technology will allow you to protect yourself from being attacked by hackers. QualityIP provides managed IT services wherein we handle all of your technology – securing you against attacks. For more information, call (330) 931-4141 or email us at [email protected].