Famous Garage-Part Manufacturer Uses IT To Increase Their Productivity

Torsion Source Inc.

Torsion Source Inc. is a respected garage door-part manufacturer based in Peninsula, Ohio. They have only been in business for five years, but are already well known in the Ohio corporate world for their excellent product and customer service.

Marc Calcaterra is the President of Torsion Source, and a valued client of ours. In the following Calcaterra will elaborate on his experience with the QualityIP team while addressing his IT needs.

An Open And Close Case

Right away we discovered that Torsion was in need of a technological environment that would support both their local and remote workers.

They were in need of several amenities such as:

  • A way for teleworkers to communicate with the main office
  • The new warehouse required multiple access points to support a wireless network
  • A way to monitor the premises in real time

We immediately implemented the following technologies and ongoing services to support their growing company:

  • Office 365 for email and Instant Messaging
  • Cloud based VoIP system
  • Cisco GB + PoE Managed Switches
  • Meraki Wireless Access Points
  • Meraki Firewall
  • OpenEye Cameras and DVR for monitoring
  • All inclusive IT service package

“I put a lot of thought and effort into building our infrastructure, so it’s important we protect that to scale our business. QualityIP covers many areas of IT, so we don’t have to hire multiple people to support our efforts.” Explains Calcaterra.

How Does This Relate To Me?

Originally, Torsion Source Inc. was looking for a local IT company to help with all business technology needs. They chose QualityIP because of our expertise with SAP Business One, email integration, phone systems, wireless infrastructure and bar code scanning around SAP.

We are very pleased to say that the Torsion Source team is now operating on a fully functional and capable IT infrastructure that will support both their current and future needs.

“They are an excellent option for us to get that expertise without bringing in full time IT people. They’re very responsive, and with IT you never know you need it until you need it. When we need them they’re there – customer service is a big strength of their company.” Says Calcaterra.

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