Turn This Feature Off Immediately On Your iPhone

wifi assistWARNING: The iOS 9 Feature That’s Going to Add Hundreds of Dollars to Your Phone Bill This Month!

iOS 9 Users Without Unlimited Data Plans May Wish to Turn This Setting Off…

Apple has recently released their brand new operating system, iOS 9, including some fantastic new features, such as extended battery life, split screen multitasking, and news to name a few. However, not all of the new features may be so fantastic, and one in particular called Wi-Fi Assist, could be consuming your data plan quickly, and even costing you overages.

Wi-Fi Assist

Wi-Fi assist is a brand new setting that is automatically turned on when a device is updated to iOS 9. The intent of this setting is to minimize any buffering that users may experience when using their devices with a weak Wi-Fi signal. The iPhone is able to detect when a signal is too weak to be effective and switches automatically over to a cellular connection.

This is great for some and eliminates the problem of poor connectivity, which can be frustrating. But if the customer doesn’t have an unlimited data plan, this convenience could turn out to be quite costly.

Apple customers wondering if they are being affected by this setting can check their consumption, monitoring it for any staggering increases. Customers who have fixed data usage limits on their monthly plans should seriously consider turning the feature off manually from within the settings of their iPhone.

note: this information can be found in Settings under Cellular where usage is displayed. Scrolling down further will reveal the Wi-Fi Assist setting with a slider to indicate whether or not it is turned on.

Not a Bug

It is important that Apple customers understand this is not a bug, and is not something that will be corrected in a matter of time. Apple appears to be aware of the issue and there are no murmurs of remedy for the new setting. Manually turning the Wi-Fi assist off will bring your data consumption back down to normal but then users will not be able to benefit from the feature.

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