Twitter Tactics: 6 Tips To Attract Followers For Your Firm

Through efficient use of hashtags, networks, and other Twitter features, you can use tweets to bring valuable attention to your brand


Brevity isn’t just the soul of wit; it’s also the heart of an effective tweet! Though many firms are loathed to use Twitter because of its strict character limits, those limits are what makes the platform so useful. By constraining the length of your posts, Twitter forces you to use every word intentionally, streamlining information for your followers. To take advantage of these features and promote your brand, you must:

Handle Hashtags

Practical use of hashtags helps potential customers find and follow your posts. Each tweet should thus have an important, relevant tag. Initially, you can determine which tags to use by googling different options and choosing the ones that most bring the most results. As you gain followers, pay attention to the tags they use, incorporating them into your tweets to create a more personalized experience for loyal customers.

Navigate Networks

First-time Twitter users are often shocked by the sheer amount of information in their feeds. This is particularly the case for business users, whose accounts attract traffic from all relevant industry sources. To avoid information overload, you must sort the users in your network into different lists, whether based on business size, specific activities, or other features you value. You can then switch between lists, gaining access to specific kinds of information as you need it.

Cultivate Consistency

Once you begin accruing followers, it is important to give them a clear sense of what to expect from you. Consistency is of particular importance when it comes to tone. Writing your posts in the same positive, engaging way makes it easier for customers to read and interpret them. You should also try to post at similar times each day so that you don’t catch followers off-guard. Try to coordinate the tone and timing of your tweets with posts on other social media to enhance the effect.

Focused Following

Contrary to popular belief, a larger network is not always a better one. Instead, you should follow only those users who are relevant to your industry and have a good reputation. This ensures that the consumers who learn of your firm through your followers will actually find you valuable. It also prevents you from becoming associated with brands that have a bad public image.

Multimedia Management

Videos, photos, and audio can enhance a tweet, but only if used effectively. Incorporate multimedia that relates directly to the substance of your tweets, as it will break up the monotony of text. Multimedia added for the sake of adding multimedia, however, will distract followers.

Managing Social Media

To prevent a growing Twitter feed from taking up all your time and energy, it may be wise to invest in a social media management tool. Programs like TweetDeck and Hootsuite help you to sift through your followers’ content, identifying and taking advantage of material that is most directly relevant to you.

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