Upgrade Smoothly to Windows 10 Today

Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest exciting offering to businesses everywhere.

This new operating system comes with a bevy of features to help your company become more productive, but as with any upgrade or change to your system, the task can seem daunting. Poor knowledge and practices can lead to improper configuration, which can result in lost data and capability in the new set up.

As an expert with Windows 10, we can ensure that your transition is as stress-free and lossless as possible so that you can make the most of the OS’ many features, including:

• Security.
Windows 10 constitutes one of the most secure platforms ever, including Windows Defender for anti-malware protection, Bitlocker Encryption for secure data and more as a part of its mandate to be the only OS to deliver free ongoing security updates for the span of its supported lifetime. New security measures aim to remove forgettable passwords from your employees’ daily routine, with Windows Hello using a biometric scanner (fingerprint, face or iris) to log in, and Passport allowing authentication through locally stored biometric information on that single device, whether it be mobile or otherwise. This way, hackers can’t simply crack a password to compromise your system, only those with the proper biometric identification can gain access. Furthermore, Device Guard keeps your system safe from vulnerable and unauthorized apps by blocking any that aren’t entirely secure, working in tandem with manufacturers such as Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, and Fujitsu.

• Convenience.
Many of the new features offered by Windows 10 aim to give a more user-friendly experience (whether it be personal or business-based). Cortana is the user’s personal assistant, available to help with reference, navigation and execute tasks at a moment’s notice. The more Cortana is used the better she will perform, having learned more about how the user interacts with Windows 10. She can search hard drives and OneDrive, launch apps, send messages and more.
Microsoft’s new Internet browser Edge favours a minimalist approach, allowing users to surf the web free of ads and distractions for a better experience. Pages can be written directly upon to make notes to share with others, and another new feature lets you save pages for offline reading later when your device may be untethered from a local WiFi.

• Support.
Windows 10 will feature life-long support in line with industry-standards. Five years of “mainstream” support until October 13, 2020, and five more years of “extended” support until October 13, 2025 will keep your OS running smoothly for a decade after upgrading, through regular updates to ensure a high quality and up-to-date product long after launch.

• Mobile Capability.
Universal Apps are one of the main features of Windows 10. Utilizing Cloud computing, many apps will now be optimized for cross-device use and touch interfacing. New versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote and more will now interact seamlessly whether you create a spreadsheet on your desktop and want to edit it on your phone later, or create a power point on your phone and then annotate it on your tablet at home. Furthermore, Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise is available to Volume Licensing customers, and can offer an even better mobile experience to customers on smartphones and tablets. Mobile enterprise features the same security, productivity, and mobile device management (MDM) capabilities available on Windows 10 Mobile, but with more flexibility in managing updates, as it integrates new innovation and security features as they become available.

Get the most out of your Windows OS by upgrading today! For more information on how we can help smooth the process, contact QualityIP at (330) 931-4141 or [email protected].