Using a default password on your PoS system? You’ve opened the door for the hackers!

Think that admin password on your Point of Sale (PoS) system is unique?

point of sale security

Think again. Cybersecurity consultants are reporting that one of the biggest PoS manufacturers in the world has been using the same admin username and password on all its systems for over 25 years. That special code you use to control access to all your important business data – 166816 – is used by 90% of all other companies with the same software!

If you’ve left security in the hands of your PoS provider, stop what you’re doing and call a cybersecurity expert right now.

Any company that uses a PoS system knows how integral it is to running all the aspects of their business. From controlling inventory to tracking financials and allowing access to sensitive data, your PoS system is the heart of your business. Have you left the door to that heart unlocked?

And what’s worse is that too many business owners don’t even realize they’re at risk. A lot of PoS vendors insist that their products need to be run in admin mode to operate at all – leaving systems open to canny hackers who know how to exploit admin loopholes. With easily guessed passwords added on top of that, it’s all too easy for many PoS systems to be exploited.

Don’t assume that your system is safe! You need to know for certain. Your best bet is to contact a cybersecurity expert to perform a full security audit for your business. The team at QualityIP are your {city} PoS security experts. We’ll meet with you, discover any holes in your defenses, and help you protect your business from anyone looking to access your private data and do you harm.

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