What You Can Learn From The Scouts About Data Backup

Be Prepared—It’s what data backup is all about

When it comes to your business data, those two little words can mean the difference between your organization failing and prevailing.

Successful data backup is a two-pronged approach.

First, you need a strong local backup solution because 95% of all data restoration happens from your local network. Local data storage reduces stress and saves you time. It’s perfect for those instances when a file is corrupted or accidently deleted. Your network administrator can handle those situations quickly and easily.

Next, for those rare instances when a major system failure takes your network down, you need secure, reliable offsite data storage and system replication managed by an IT services provider you can trust. All QualityIP backup solutions utilize virtualization failover technologies. That means we can have a replica of your network, applications and data up and running from anywhere.

data backup

Of course, we’d prefer that you never have to rely on backup technologies. That is why our team of experts are just like the scouts—prepared.

We ensure your network is:

  • Built using best practices
  • Monitored to prevent failures
  • Maintained for optimal performance

QualityIP is the IT Consulting company you can trust. We install and maintain the right solution for your business. We manage the process 24/7—every day of the year. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your network is up and running and your data is safe.

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