Sophos Makes a Splash with the Launch of Sophos X-Ops


Global cybersecurity leader Sophos recently announced that they will be combining SophosLabs, Sohpos SecOps, and Sophos AI into a single unit called Sophos X-Ops. The move is the company’s latest strategic tactic to help businesses around the world with proactive cybersecurity. The most exciting thing about this latest development is that Sophos will now be able to provide a stronger multi-disciplinary approach to cybersecurity. The move enables them to increase their innovation at a faster pace than those who are attacking IT infrastructures around the world.

According to the company’s press release on the new cyber security range of services, the creation of Sophos X-Ops will also make the internationally renowned company more agile. Even though communication across all Sophos departments is highly efficient, combining these three different departments into one working unit will make it even easier for them to communicate with each other. That will translate to faster everything, including analysis of worldwide telemetry, threat-hunting, response capabilities, and more.

As a long-time Sophos certified partner, we always keep an eye on what Sophos is forecasting in terms of cybersecurity so that we can pass that information and those products along to the benefit of our own clients. What we can tell you based on this move is that the people who are attacking our data are working smarter and more collaboratively. To respond, Sophos created a way for their experts to work together more collaboratively. What we were most excited about in the Sophos press release was this part:

Sophos X-Ops is taking a similar approach: gathering and operating on threat intelligence from its own multidisciplinary groups to help stop attackers earlier, preventing or minimizing the harms of ransomware, espionage or other cybercrimes that can befall organizations of all types and sizes, and working with law enforcement to neutralize attacker infrastructure.

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In a lot of ways, the way we work every day with our clients mirrors this approach. Whether we are proactively addressing a company’s IT security or creating an IT Roadmap based on a comprehensive audit of a company’s entire IT infrastructure, we have brought different IT experts together under the QualityIP umbrella. We can easily communicate with our clients and with each other, enabling us to work efficiently and effectively.

We are really excited to see what the new Sophos X-Ops unit accomplishes. They are approaching cybersecurity from all possible angles, and we expect to see a lot of reporting from the company on what their experts are seeing and experiencing in the field. As they develop new strategies and tactics for proactively protecting businesses, we will keep watch and pay it forward.