Windows 10 Defending Against Ransomware in New Update

Cyber attacks happen every day. Now, Microsoft is helping you protect yourself from ransomware with their most recent update.

Cyber threats are becoming more and more of an issue as technology increases its prominence in our lives. The latest form of cyber threats is ransomware. Many people who are using this are cyber criminals looking to make some quick money. Ransomware is used to infect a device and then deny access from that device to any files unless the user pays a ransom. While the method of cyber attacks is becoming more and more popular, the way it is implemented is becoming more complex and costly for the cyber criminal.

Windows 10 Updates

What is Microsoft Doing to Stop Ransomware?

In the most recent Windows 10 Anniversary update, many changes were made to make systems more secure against ransomware. The company has taken some major steps to better protect their customers as well as fight back against ransomware attackers. For the update they did four major things which include:

  1. Increased the detection and blocking capability in their email services by blocking more attachments that may contain ransomware.
  2. Made it more difficult for malware cyber criminals to use Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge to their advantage.
  3. Enhanced Windows Defender with new technology that will increase the ability to respond to an infection before it happens by reducing detection time to only a few seconds.
  4. Introduced Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. When this is combined with the Advanced Threat Protection of Office 365, it is easier for an investigation to occur so cyber attackers can be stopped.

Better Prevention, Detection, and Response

Overall, Microsoft is dedicated to preventing, detection, and responding to ransomware so we can learn more about it and stop it in its tracks. They have added more email protection to prevent it as well as made browser usage more safe. With Windows Defender, which is on by default, responding to potential threats happens faster than ever before through faster detection. If you are attacked with ransomware, Windows has added their Advanced Threat Protection so that you are not alone in the process. Companies can help you respond and investigate these attacks so you can feel more safe and protected.

How You Can Protect Against Ransomware?

To have access to the new update, you will need to accept the default security settings in Windows 10. This new update is currently the best way you can protect your device. You should always make sure that you have the latest updates on Windows 10. Additionally, you should research a backup strategy and implement it within your system for better protection. Every layer of defense helps and if you can have both this update and a backup layer of protection, you can rest easy while using your computer.

Cyber attacks will not stop or slow down. They will only continue to get better at what they do. In order to best protect yourself in {city}, contact us to explore your options via (330) 931-4141 or [email protected]. At QualityIP, we want you to stay protected.