With Year-End Quickly Approaching – Are You Maximizing Your Efforts?

Tax Section 179

As you already know, year-end is just around the corner for everyone.

Moreover, with that in mind, are you doing what it takes to gain the most out of the tax deductions available from Section 179? Whether you are looking for a hardware upgrade, a replacement of vital equipment (like a server or workstation), or even looking for a total overhaul of your systems, we can help ensure you get the most out of Section 179 deductibles offered to your business. Don’t you want to make sure you get as much of that deduction limit of $25,000 as you can – on your year-end technology purchases?

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With company managing your year-end technology purchases, you’ll benefit in some of the following ways:

  • Gain peace of mind – knowing that our highly trained team of IT professionals know the insides and out of Section 179. Whether you are in need of new computers or looking for a VoIP phone system to match your business communication needs, we can help. Moreover, we will not stop there; we’ll work with you on any and all your year-end technology purchases to ensure you maximize the tax breaks available to you from Section 179.
  • Speed up write-offs – even though most business property depreciates over time, being armed with the right tax knowledge, provides you the benefit of the Section 179 expensing allowance. You can take the Section 179 write-off for tangible business assets, such as office equipment, machinery, and computers.
  • A proactive equipment buying strategy – that, while it will evolve and change over time, it is built with your company’s goals in mind. Even if you cannot afford to buy new equipment, we can show you how to borrow it to claim the full Section 179 allowance on the equipment cost – even if you do not immediately pay for the purchases.

Are you ready to take advantage of the section 179 deductible that millions of small business are already doing? Thereby maximizing the return on your technology purchasing to increase value and probability in your company?

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