Older PCs, even though they appear to be in good condition, are costing you money. A recent study from Techaisle1 shows that four-year old and older computers cost an average of $427 to repair. That’s means, just to keep the old one running, you could spend more than half the average cost of a new business class machine.

Older computers suffer from:

  • Performance issues including sluggish response and more frequent system crashes
  • Susceptibility to malware attacks
  • Recurrent connectivity issues

Plus, they increase employee frustration which lowers productivity and job satisfaction. The same study found that each employee using an older computer loses 42 productive work hours per year through downtime.

QualityIP System Refresh IT Services Kent Akron Cleveland

3 Steps to a PC Refresh from QualityIP

1.  Where appropriate, we’ll help you redistribute older machine to less critical roles, which allows you to extend their life without compromising productivity or your network. Then, we’ll configure and order new business class systems to replace your older computers that will:

  • Ensure compatibility with your network
  • Increase productivity and job satisfaction
  • Improve business application performance
  • Cut operating costs
  • Provide better security
  • Offer mobility options for your employees

2. We will install your new computers and make sure that your employees are up and running with minimal work interruption.

3. We will safely dispose of your old computers and monitors through our e Waste Recycling Program. Ask us about our new hard drive shredder which securely destroys your old data storage devices. Our program meets all compliance regulations.

Save time, save money, and be more secure. Ask us about a System Refresh today.

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