Cyber Security in 2022 | How to Prepare in the New Year with Security Awareness Training

Looking Onward in 2022 | Stay Vigilant with IT Security Awareness Training

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With a new year comes new challenges for companies and their IT security, and 2022 is no different. In 2020, the world saw the extent of cyber security attacks when the SolarWinds hack infiltrated federal government information, leading to a series of intense data breaches. In a time when IT security is more relevant than ever, security awareness training is essential.

To keep your company safe in the new year, there are a number of growing security trends and IT security management solutions to be aware of. Here are three cyber security trends for 2022.

#1 The Threat of Ransomware

The global pandemic led to a rise in online activity, as workplaces transitioned to remote environments and more Americans utilized online shopping to stay safe in quarantine. In turn, this led to an increased threat of ransomware.

Ransomware involves infecting devices with a virus that locks files and threatens to destroy sensitive information unless a ransom is paid. Usually, this ransom is sent in the form of untraceable cryptocurrency. In some cases, the ransomware attackers threaten to publicize data, leaving companies at a huge risk of revealing sensitive information.

Security awareness training is a leading mechanism for avoiding ransomware attacks. Typically, ransomware is deployed through “phishing,” where an employee is baited into clicking on a link to download the ransomware files. Having an extensive security awareness training program for employees and IT staff will keep everyone informed as to what to not click on, so ransomware cannot penetrate your system. Here at QualityIP, we have a number of security awareness training programs and tactics to engage employees and teach them about security threats they may otherwise not be aware of.

#2 Connected Devices

In the modern world, all of our devices are connected. Even appliances like refrigerators and Alexa devices can contain sensitive information you wouldn’t want released to the public. With the interconnection of devices comes an increased vulnerability from outside threats. The more devices your business uses, the more entry points that exist for cyber criminals.

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Part of QualityIP’s security management solutions includes our ability to audit your business’ devices and ensure everything is safely streamlined. We can identify weaknesses in your technology system and implement cyber security solutions to combat potential threats. Having a centralized technological system will keep your business safe moving into an increasingly connected world. Services like password management and proper E-waste disposal are an essential part of our security management solutions.

#3 Managing the Cloud

Cloud services are essential in the modern workplace because they allow you to host data offsite, scale your business, or instantly share work for collaboration. While cloud services have dozens of benefits, they present risks when they aren’t properly managed.

If a hacker breaks into your cloud, turmoil can ensue. That’s part of the risk of hosting an on-site cloud. QualityIP has a number of security management solutions to protect your cloud in the new year. We offer hosting services to keep your data offsite, while allowing you to access the information easily. This keeps the cloud protected but not inaccessible.

We are professionals in a number of popular cloud services including: Azure, Microsoft 365, and Amazon Web Services. Our cloud management works in tandem with our security awareness training, so your entire organization is aware of how to safely access and manage your data. Keep your cloud secure in 2022 with QualityIP.

Stay Safe in the New Year with Security Management Solutions from QualityIP

At QualityIP, we are here to work as an extension of your team to keep your business safe in 2022 and beyond. Our capabilities across software and systems mean you can count on us, around the clock, for IT support. Our security awareness training will ensure your staff is prepared in the event of a security threat, and our security management solutions are implemented to avoid potential problems.

Stay vigilant in the new year with IT security solutions from QualityIP.