Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training (SAT) is critical to the success of a cyber protection program by showing users how to spot a phishing attack. Small to medium sized businesses lack employee training programs like SAT which make them a target for hackers.
QThe Squirrel Security Awareness Dectective

Essential facts owners and managers of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) should know:

  • 95% of all breaches occur because of human error.

  • 71% of all breaches happen to small businesses.

  • 60% of smaller businesses fail after a data breach.

You can protect your business and yourself.

In addition to the safeguards to your computer network provided through our Managed IT Services, we offer a robust SAT program. It is designed to educate your employees about the most common ways in which hackers try to exploit the weakest link in any network—humans.

We start with a free Dark Web Assessment. The Dark Web is a system of websites visible through networks using hidden IP addresses. Through the Dark Web hackers collect, buy, and sell personally identifiable information. Hackers use this data to phish and scam your employees.

Through our SAT program, you and your employees discover whether emails from your company domain are available on the dark web. The report also indicates the external breach that compromised the account. We also provide you with the steps you can take to minimize your risk from the exposed email accounts.

Next, we perform an Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA) to help you determine which employees are at the most significant risk from phishing attempts. The EVA scores each employee between 0 and 800. The higher their score, the better equipped they are to meet the threat hackers pose to them. An anonymous leaderboard adds a little friendly competition among your employees. The scores are available to IT and can be used to determine user rights and network access.

Security Awareness Training Dashboard

SAT Scores improve over time.

Ongoing training and testing help employees to improve their scores.

  • Initial Course: The initial course takes about an hour and ensures that employees receive consistent security education.

  • Weekly Micro-Training: Weekly micro-training highlights current threats and keeps cyber security top of mind. The micro-training and quizzes take less than five minutes a week to complete.

  • Newsletter: Each month we email a security newsletter to your employees.

  • Simulated Phishing: Test employee retention of the material with periodic mock phishing campaigns.

  • Dark Web Assessment: We search the dark web for compromised employee email accounts by external breaches. Employees have the option to check personal email accounts for exposure on the dark web.

Included with our Security Awareness Training Program:

  • SAT Portal Access for each employee

  • SAT Management Portal for Managers and IT

  • Award-winning support from QualityIP

  • SAT Policy creation and implementation

  • Test phishing email setup and deployment

  • SAT User onboarding and offboarding

Technology alone is not enough.

Working together, we create a layered security approach and reduce your risk of a data breach. Your employees are your first line of defense. Educate them about phishing, ransomware, and other risks to your business data.

Your company doesn’t have to become a part of the statistics. Ask us for your free Dark Web Assessment and let’s chat to see if our Security Awareness Training Program is a fit for your organization.


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