Keep Your Tech Safe this Winter | Tips from IT Support Companies

Tips for Keeping Technology Safe in the Cold | IT Support Companies

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Amid the snow and cold of the winter season, it is a challenge to keep your technology safe and functioning. Will the upcoming snow storm necessitate your team working from home? Will the office lose power, or will your phones go out? With a little planning, these problems can be handled with ease. Winter is nothing to be feared when you invest in help from IT services near me and lean on the experts for advice. QualityIP can help.

Don’t Leave Technology in the Cold!

Remind your team to make sure phones and computers are not left in cars overnight. It is easy to leave electronic devices behind in a rush to get inside from inclement weather, but doing so can cause technological trouble the next day.

If devices go from cold to warm too quickly, condensation can build up within the device. Moisture and electronics are never a good combination. Serious problems can result, including losing files completely, which can be a true IT disaster.

During cold weather, it is best to either keep computers and phones warm or to warm them incrementally if they have been left outdoors. The slower warm-up process will prevent condensation and more serious, long-term problems.

Have a Backup Power Source

In the winter, technology and devices have to expend more energy to stay warm. As an example, if your phone is in your pocket while you are outside, you may notice that the battery drops significantly faster.

backup charging plan

It is essential to have a backup plan in place so that your business can continue to operate during and just after a power outage. Just as extra batteries or charging cords are packed for a business trip, team members need to have back-up plans for their devices, whether they are working remotely or onsite.

Consider Investing in Winter Equipment

If you live in a region that experiences extra brutal winters, it may be worthwhile for your business to invest in some winter equipment for your equipment. Screen protectors, insulating cases, and other innovative products provide an extra level of protection in the winter months.

If you are a business owner not as familiar with technology and protective equipment, consider consulting with IT services near me. Here at QualityIP, our IT providers can assess your current IT situation and offer solutions for issues you are facing. Maybe you are struggling to transport IT equipment in the winter, or you want to upgrade your computers but aren’t sure how. We can help you make smart purchasing decisions that keep your tech safe and secure.

Browse your local tech shop, or connect with IT support companies who can provide you with suggestions for buying protective equipment.

Tips from QualityIP | IT Services Near Me

QualityIP can help you with a physical security system

In addition to following these tips for keeping tech safe in the winter, we invite you to learn more about our IT services near me. Here at QualityIP, we offer a full range of IT support, specialized services, IT management, and more. We can work with your existing IT team to add the help and support you need to effectively manage your technology.

Stay warm this winter and connect with our team today.